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  4. ator deShedding Tool for Cats. Chirpy Pets Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. GoPets Dematting Comb. Andis Pet Steel Groo

De-matting a cat is typically not a fun experience for the feline or the human. Take things slowly, and don't be surprised if you can't remove all the mats in one sitting. Comb the Mat . Starting with a separated section of the mat, use your non-dominant hand to hold the base of the mat down with thumb and forefinger, so the comb won't pull. The Hertzko Dematting Comb is a great product to use if you'd like to remove your cat's knots and tangled hair. But this isn't just made for those two things, as this is also a great way to prevent shedding and matted hair Next, apply an oil-based detangling spray to loosen the fur. Use a metal mat comb for cats to detach the smaller tangles. Start by holding the hair below the mat, close to the skin, and separate the tangled fur into smaller pieces. Be as gentle as possible and apply short, fast strokes so there's less pulling of the skin Make sure that you hold your cat's fur closest to the skin with one hand while gently brushing the mat with your other hand. Holding your cat's fur tight and close to the skin will help prevent you from pulling your cat's skin. Here is a great video on how to comb out a mat on your cat's fur Splitting the mat can make them easier to comb out. Use blunt-tipped scissors to cut the mats up, making them easier to comb out. Do this by placing one side of the blunt-end scissors through the underside of the mat (if there is room) and then pull up through the mat. Image Source: Scaredycut.com

Even if your cat does not like to take a shower quite often, the particular de-matting tool can come in handy to remove the dirt and dust trapped in its body. The comb is designed in such a way that massaging it daily on your cat's skin can not only add a shine to their skin but can also increase the circulation of blood Product Name: Pecute Dematting Comb Grooming Tool Kit for Cats Product Description: This product is going to appeal to most pet owners thanks to its 2-in-1 design. The model comes with one side having 12 teeth and the other having 23 teeth. This makes it ideal for different cats and dogs having different hair lengths Once you've shaved off the worst of the matting, stop and attempt to comb out your cat's coat again. If the mats are severe enough, they may stick to your cat's skin. If this is the case, it's best to bring your cat to the vet. They can give your cat the close shave it needs without hurting it

Best Mat Remover EVER! http://amzn.to/2w4uBjWWelcome to my Channel! Subscribe, ring the bell and come with me as I check out new pet products and give you ti.. The 7.5-inch Andis Steel Comb has both narrow and wide teeth to effectively remove mats, tangles, loose fur, dirt, and dander—all while stimulating your cat's skin and hair follicles. The wider teeth are best for larger strokes throughout your pet's coat, while the finer end is ideal for the paws, face, and other sensitive areas Preventing Matted Cat Hair. The best way to prevent mats from forming too frequently is to brush your cat regularly. To avoid pulling the skin, look for knots on your cat's fur and gently detangle it with your fingers, and then with a mat comb for cats. If you use a detangling spray, only purchase a product made for cats 7. Consider a mat comb. If the mat is really stuck in there, you can try using what's called a mat comb (sometimes called a razor comb). Mat combs gently cut away hair as you brush the cat. 8. Hire a groomer. If your cat is not taking kindly to your help, consult with a professional groomer

Dr Magnifico, a small animal veterinarian, explains why cats fur becomes matted. How to safely remove matts, and how to prevent future matts from occurring Longhaired cats develop matted fur more easily than their shorthaired counterparts do. Photo: dubswede How to Remove Mats From a Longhaired Cat 1. Using a Wide-Toothed Comb. Regular brushing is recommended for your cat's coat health, and most knots and mats can be removed this way Treat a cat for matted fur with daily brushing and combing. Get rid of matted cat fur with tips from a veterinarian in this free video on pet care.Expert: Dr..

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Cats have thinner, gentler skin than humans, and can easily be cut by scissors, blades, or even the friction from clippers. If you are at all hesitant, take your cat to a professional. A razor comb (also known as a mat comb) works like a regular comb but has recessed blades that shave away the hair How To Demat a Cat at Home Start with a Good Dematting Comb. The first thing you are going to do is buy a good dematting comb for cats. The idea behind using the right type of dematting comb is to make sure the tangles are seamlessly removed without aggravating the skin Detangling Combs. Ideal for: Medium to long-haired cats. These combs have long teeth that pick through your cat's coat, removing loose hair while gently detangling. They can help to prevent mat formation as well. While these are useful for cats with longer coats, they're not the best choice for cats who don't like brushing

Cat Brushes and Combs Find the perfect cat hair brushes, combs and blowdryers for your favorite feline. With easy-to-use grooming brushes designed specifically for cats, you can keep their coat clean, shiny and tangle-free. Deshedding tools, dematters and cat slicker brushes remove hair from your kitty's coat before it can get on clothes and. Cat Food. Shop all . Cat Litter. Shop all . Home / Cats / Grooming / Combs / Safari De-Matting Comb. Safari De-Matting Comb $ 7.95. SKU: 451304 Manufacturer: Coastal. Description. Smooth out even the toughest tangles with the Safari® Dog De-Matting Comb! Featuring serrated stainless steel blades, this comb is designed to easily remove mats and. These combs and brushes are equipped with blades that safely cut through the mats, allowing you to quickly remove matted areas without ripping or damaging your cat's coat. There are a variety of dematting tool designs available, but their purpose is always the same: they detangle and cut through mats to keep your cat's coat healthy and smooth 8. Freshly Bailey Dog & Cat Dematting Tools - Miracle Undercoat Rake/Comb - Safe. Safe undercoat brush for dogs and cats - inner part of the brush's teeth is sharp enough to remove dead undercoat hair, yet 100% safe enough to prevent any harm to your pet while brushing and dematting Relieve your pet of mats and tangles with the Hertzko Double Sided Pet Dematting Comb. Those knotted areas can be very uncomfortable for animals, and the comb works to smooth them out, as well as remove loose hair, dander, and trapped dirt. Great for both cats and dogs of all sizes and hair types, it's perfect for a multi-animal household

For this same reason, dematting combs are best to get rid of matted fur in long-haired breeds such as Persians or Ragdolls where the matted clump is longer than it is wide. This way, the comb can be held further away from your cat's skin so accidental cuts are less likely. 3. Use Detangler for Matted Fur If you own a cat whose fur is high maintenance why not ask a groomer for a lesson in how to comb your cat in between regular visits or to check your grooming tools. A joint effort between cat owner and professional groomer will ensure that matting and pelts are a thing of the past. We all want happy cats. Pelts and matting = very unhappy cats Use a de-matting brush or comb specifically for your cat's hair length. Put on a pair of gloves before you start removing your kitty's mats. Unless your cat enjoys being brushed, she might snap at you or attempt to gash you with her claws

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To smooth out matted fur, the best comb on the market is Chris Christensen's Cat/Carding Buttercomb #013, according to Loel Miller, owner of Mobile Grooming by Loel in Walnut Creek, California Comb your cat's fur gently to find the matted fur areas. Once you see it, sprinkle a little bit of cornstarch or baby powder, and rub this lightly on the matted fur area. This will help detangle some of the mats from your cat's fur. Additionally, cornstarch helps soothe the skin from irritation. This will help relieve any itching and irritation. Firstly, hold up a small bundle of your cat's fur with a comb. Remember, not tightly and do not be harsh. Then cut the matted fur that is just outside the comb. Cut it at the edge of the comb and not close to the skin. Detangler for cats for matted hair. One of our favorite tools it the detangler for cats for matted hair The Best Detangler For Cats With Matted Hair. Although there are a large number of different mat comb for cats on the market today, we always recommend the Hertzko Self Cleaning Brush. The brush has proven its ability time and time again to gently remove any mats from your cat's fur with minimal pain The Comb Cut is a teddy bear-style trim that leaves the coat 1/2 to 1 in length. This is a great option to keep long-haired cats low maintenance and prevent matting. Comb Cuts start at $98.00 and can increase depending on any matting

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  1. JW Pet Cat Comb - Read our review or buy it here The JW Grip Soft Cat Comb For Combing. Cat combs help to prevent matting and hairball formulation. Great for removing dingleberries from the behind area! Much like a comb vs. a brush for human hair - just gives the hair a different look
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  4. ator deshed tools (for cats) are very good. Shaving off the mats with a #10 blade also works. Scissors should never be used on a cat's coat. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2013
  5. Gently brush the area around the mat to make it smaller. Then switch to a fine-tooth comb to pick apart the mat and brush it away. This process takes patience; with luck, the picking action will eventually loosen the mat away from your cat's skin. Never attempt to cut out a mat with scissors; you may end up cutting your kitty's skin
  6. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to groom an old cat. Begin by petting your cat from head to tail, seeking out any specific problem areas. Gently work through the coat, alternating with a rubber brush to sweep up loose hair; a soft-pin slicker brush to work through tangles; and a stainless steel comb to gently target mats
  7. The matted clumps can vary in size from barely noticeable to very large clumps. Often it looks as though the hair has been glued together. Skin flakes, dead fur, dust and skin oils cause matting. When the cat isn't able to properly clean his fur, all this dirt builds up and causes the fur to stick together. Matted fur clumps need to be removed.

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  1. Invest in a well-made cat rake and long-tooth comb to properly help prevent matting. Rakes have short, sturdy bristles that are usually made of metal and are good for brushing dense, long hair. Long-tooth combs allow you to comb deep into your long-haired cat's fur and comb through small mats before they get too large
  2. g Comb Cat Dematting Brush for Long Haired Pets, with 2 Sided Undercoat Rake, Metal Detangler Tool Hair Remover for Matted Fur Tangles -Yellow 4.4 out of 5 stars 20 Dog Dematting Comb, Coat King Rake Pet Undercoat Rake Double Sided Blade Rake Comb Groo
  3. Starting at the end of the mat, i.e., the tip of your cat's hair, begin to gently comb the mat. Use a wide-toothed metal comb or a specially-made mat comb (also called a razor comb or mat rake) to work through it. As it breaks apart, slowly work your way deeper into your cat's fur until the whole mat is removed
  4. Step 5. Use a greyhound-style comb, a pick or a comb with long, thin tines to gently pick at any mats that you cannot untangle with your fingers. This may take some time, but eventually the mat will begin to untangle. As with above, make sure that you are not pulling or tugging at your cat's skin. 00:00
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  6. g Comb 2 Combs,Pet Stainless Steel Teeth Cats Comb for Removing Matted Fur, Knots & Tangles,Shedding Comb(Blue2) 4.5 out of 5 stars 27. $12.99 $ 12. 99. $1.00 coupon applied at checkout Save $1.00 with coupon. Get it by Tomorrow, Jun 26
  7. If you notice that your cat has a particularly thick undercoat, you can actually use an undercoat comb (click here to check availability of this one on Amazon) to deal with this. It is well suited for this particular issue and can save you some time and stress. 03. Using a de-matting comb

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  1. Try the comb cut. This trim leaves approximately 1/2″ to 1″ (approximately 1 to 2.5 cm) of hair on the cat's body. You trim the hair short but do not shave it completely. Cats may not have matting for this cut. The comb cut reduces shedding and hairballs
  2. Combing regularly helps to prevent matting and the formation of hairballs. For best results use the Grip Soft Cat Brush to remove tangles and then finish with the Cat Comb. The complete Gripsoft line offers a variety of designs specifically made to address each of your cat's needs to ensure a beautiful and shiny coat. Key Benefit
  3. Matted fur is difficult to avoid in breeds such as the Chow, Rough Collies, Newfoundland Dogs, Persian cats and other long-haired types. Thick matting can also be very painful and uncomfortable for an animal, especially when those mats are located behind the ear, flank or rear end areas of the pet
  4. Comb Cut. The Comb Cut is not as short as a Lion Cut, but it is similar. The fur of the shoulders, head, and legs is left long, while the back is trimmed short (though not shaved). This cut also reduces matting and shedding but allows your cat to keep some super-soft fur on their back
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  1. ates the most stubborn of mats and tangles. Well-groomed cats or dogs do not only look better, but they Are also healthier and happier! Our mat comb is here to ensure you give your pet the best care. No Mat, tangle, or knot is too stubborn for this groo
  2. And the cats just love the feel of it, much more than any of the brushes and combs we usually use. They Bought this because our male tabby recently developed bad matting that other combs weren't able to untangle; read the reviews on this and decided to give it a try
  3. Gracie my 8 yr old female cat, has had a bad mat on her lower back, over the months I tried to comb it out, cut it out, she won't let me mess with it very long,it's been almost a year now that she's had this mat, I'm realizing it's hurting her, I was just about to take her to the vet (which is extremely stressful for her) when I found.
  4. g can lead to an occasional mat or snarl that needs to be cut out. The best clippers for cats with mats are more.

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Tabby's, on the other hand, often get gagging when handled with combs because their thicker hair means regular grooming is necessary in order to avoid matting! If your furry friend starts acting weird after brushing them with a comb, try switching tools (to something like an undercoat rake) and see if it helps alleviate some of the adverse. Description. Description. The Safari De-Matting Comb will help to remove mats and tangles from your pet's coat. This grooming comb may be used on most medium to long-haired pets. Helpful on coarse or long, matted coats. May be used on most medium to long-haired dogs. Overall length 7 1/2

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Matted fur is a condition that occurs mostly in longhaired cats when their fur becomes knotted and entangled. When a cat sheds their undercoat, the fur can become caught in the top coat. If a cat's fur becomes dirty or oily, it can also become entwined and matted Product Details. Smooth out even the toughest tangles with the Safari W6116 NCL00 Dog De-Matting Comb! Featuring serrated stainless steel blades, this de-matting comb is designed to easily remove mats and tangles. This comb is essential for dogs with coarse or long, matted coats but can also be used on dogs with medium hair length Durable and easy to clean-The non-rusting stainless steel teeth of pet hair removal combs are durable and easy to clean. Type:Grooming Kit. 2 in 1 set-you will get a pet comb! Suitable for dogs and cats to remove tangles and knots on the mat

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The best thing, though, is to comb or brush your cat regularly to prevent the formation of clumps of matted fur. We comb our longhaired cats once or twice a week. Most cats like combing and brushing because it reminds them of their mothers' tongues when they were kittens. Here are some videos that may help This 2-in-1 Shell Comb removes loose hair and massages your cat in the most gentle way possible, leaving a healthy and shiny fur, free from tangles & knots. With an elastic, ergonomic design that doesn't scratch the skin of your cat, your cat will always be ready for their comb-out and they'll be loving it! Removes dead hair, tangles & knots. QUALITY TESTED, VETERINARIAN APPROVED ~ Our cat and dog dematting comb has been rigorously tested to ensure that it is safe and effective, which is why so many veterinarians recommend DakPets products for their furry patients. Best result of de-matting for dogs, cats, rabbits and long haired breed pet Mat Comb. A mat removing comb or dematting rake is also good for small to medium size mats. These tools are designed to break up the hair as gently and efficiently as possible to reduce stress on your cat. Just like with using your fingers, you want to start toward the top of the hair and break up the mats while slowly making your way down to the sensitive skin area

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Shedding combs come in different types, most notably the Poodle comb and Greyhound comb. The Poodle comb has thin teeth that are spread widely apart and are ideal for long-coated cats as they remove tangles and dead hair. Greyhound combs have teeth much closer together and can be used for all coat types but are ideal for short- to medium-lengths Our cat Boo - a 14 year old female domestic shorthair tabby - has always had soft, nice fur. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that [apparently] out of nowhere, the fur all over her body had become very matted. It looked normal from a distance, until I tried to run my fingers through it. A few days ago I bathed, shampooed, and conditioned her Protecting the skin with your fingers and cutting most of it out makes it easier to work out with a comb or de-matting tool. And sometimes, you just have to have two people, depending on the cat and the mat. And sometimes, if it gets bad enough, a groomer really is the best bet. My long hair cats have always been indoor only. I have no. The best way to treat and prevent matting and dandruff is by brushing your kitty daily and cleaning his fur with a damp washcloth. Brushing his fur gets rid of mats and stimulates his circulation, reducing dandruff and making his coat clean and shiny, according to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Olive Oil for Matted Cat FurWho Knew? You may have already met Fluffernutter, our beloved feline. Well, Fluff's fluff has been a bit of a challenge lately. So much so, in fact, that he has several yucky matts on his fur, making his normally shiny plush coat a bit, well, lumpy. Matted fur, when ignored, can do more than just make kitty lumpy

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If you brush and comb the cat regularly after getting the mats out (every day or two), using a medium brush and a gentle comb (one with fairly blunt tines - you may Continue Reading If it's seriously matted, carefully cut the mats out with a blunt-nosed set of scissors Break up the matted fur with a metal cat comb or flea comb. Comb the tip of the mat to loosen the hair and work your way down. Untangle little sections at a time to gradually reduce the size of the mat. Step 8 Brush over the untangled hair with a slicker brush. Step

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In this section, I will reveal my best De-matting combs by GoPets & FURminator. 01. GoPets Cat Dematting Comb w/ 2 Sided Pro Rake. Click here for the price on Amazon. Pros: Thins hair from the base - makes Matt removal simple. Ideal for long-haired cats. Multiple uses - De-matting, undercoat comb & de-shedding More Options Available Safari Flea Comb for Cats - Safari Flea Comb for Cats. $5.41 $4.06 w/CARE25 Save $1.35. (2) SHOP NOW. More Options Available Safari Shed Magic Cat De-shedding Tool - Safari Shed Magic Desheddr Cat. $29.22 $21.92 w/CARE25 Save $7.31. (1) SHOP NOW Best Cat Hair Clippers For Matted Hair: If you have issues with matting in long-haired cats, this cat hair clipper from Wahl is the best choice on our list. While it may be the most expensive, this is a professional-grade model, which is intended for regular grooming use Matted chest/ belly, armpits and back of leg. Under the circumstances I had to do it alone. 1 get everything you need in the room first. Comb, clippers, extension cord. If you are using a power point outside the room make sure it is turned on. 2 remove a mat and then let the cat go or pat/stroke them for a bit Cornstarch may help you loosen hair mats. Sprinkle a small amount on each mat and work it into the hairs with your fingers. Put the fingers of one hand in between your kitty's skin and the mat, and gently grasp the bottom of the mat with your fingers or the metal comb and work it out. If your cat gets antsy and impatient, let her go

100% VETERINARIAN APPROVED: Hank Premium de-matting comb brush has been tested to ensure pets' safety. Pet vets recommend Hankpets products for their furry patients. The best result of shedding, rabbits or long-haired breed pets. 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE: We only sell genuine & high-quality products for dogs and cats. If you are unhappy with. Buy 6 or above. and get 10% off. Description. Description. Miracle Coat Dematting Comb with 9 stainless steel blades, the dematting comb works wonders on heavily matted dog and cat hair. Cushioned grip and non-slip handle. Approximately 10x4x1. View All Close. OK

Now, depending on your cat's temperament you may want to try some de-tangling spray but in my experience cats hate having anything sprayed on them so this may end up just aggravating the situation. Step Two: Use a Greyhound Comb. Take a wide-toothed comb, sometimes called a greyhound comb, and slide the teeth underneath the mat All-In-One Dog Cat De-matting Comb- for Long, Medium, Short, Thick, Wiry, or Curly Hair. Get rid of dead and knotted hair- our Comb gets through the thickest coats and prevents tangling and matting. Make Combing your pet A Comfortable and Pleasant Experience- Our Stainless Steel Blade De-matting Comb grooms and massages for a healthy coat. Once you have removed most of the mats, use the wide-toothed comb and brush your cat, focusing on the matted area until it fully removes. Remember to do this slowly and gently. If you are unable to remove all the mats because of a jittery cat, then you can give him a treat and let him go for a few hours or repeat the session again for another. For short-haired cats: With a metal comb, work the brush through your cat's fur from head to tail to remove dirt and debris. Work along the lie of her fur, brushing in the direction the coat grows. Brush your cat regularly to prevent matting of hair. Feed your cat a healthy, balanced food without fillers or artificial ingredients

Cat Fur Clumps are usually formed due to poor or irrational grooming. Cats need regular grooming. Even though cats habitually groom themselves, it is necessary to groom cats regularly, almost every day. Fur matting or clumping is a more severe problem in long haired cats. If you have not been grooming your cat properly, then clumps will form For a short-haired cat, all you need is a flea comb and a rubber or bristle brush. Rubber brushes work best for removing dead hair, while bristle brushes are excellent for removing dirt and debris. First, run the flea comb through your cat's fur to check for any potentially unwanted guests Remember your cat's skin is very thin and will hurt easily. Do not pull at the mat unless it comes off easily, else you will end up pulling her skin up as well. Step 3: Use a Comb. After separating the hair with your fingers, use the metal comb on the hair a little at a time. You will again find tufts of matted hair coming off. Step 4: Remove. Bring your cat in for a full physical exam and blood and urine screen. Once we know why your cat is getting matted, we can improve his health. Step two is to help your cat by combing daily with a steel toothed comb. You can also use a damp wash cloth to rub in a massaging pattern over the coat, mimicking the action of the cat's tongue Pet Life ® 'Axler' Triple Rotating Rake De-shedder and De-matting Grooming Pet Comb rotates on an axle like a lazy susan with built-in interchangeable Grooming Tools that swivel at the press of a button located at the center. Features a Stainless Steel De-Shedder, Rake and Comb that's perfect for removing Knots, Tangles and Shedded Hairs [

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Availability: Product usually ships within 1 business day. Description. Description. The Fabulous De-Matting Comb by All System is perfect for removing mats quickly. Steel, brass, and nickel with a chrome finish. Durable and sturdy. 6 inch comb with 2 inch long teeth. View All Close Techniques To Detangle Matted Cat Fur Matt Combs. Dematting combs or fur rakes are specifically made to cut the fur as your comb through it. The recessed blades of these combs are most efficient when you can get under your cat's mat. One way to get under the mat is to tease the fur at the base of the skin using a comb Step 1. Gently Try to Comb the Mat out. You can sometimes gently comb out the mats if you hold the matted fur and use a Cat Slicker Brush and just try to work the mat out this can sometimes work on less matted fur. I find that the slicker brush works best as it doesn't pull at the fur as much as a fine-toothed grooming comb would Dematting combs are used to detangle fur, remove excess hair that's ready to shed, and keeping your canine's coat clean and healthy. The features to look out for when shopping for the right dematting comb depend on your dog's size and breed. Some combs are designed for long hair, some for short hair, and some for hybrid