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The bearded iris (Iris germanica) is arguably the most popular of the types, and among the easiest to grow. A Very Old Genus of Plants The great diversity of subtypes within the Iris genus owes to the fact that this plant evolved about 82 million years ago, which has given it time to diversify and adapt to different conditions Color: White standards and white falls with medium blue overlay and red/orange blended beards. Other Attributes: (HM 88), rebloomer, ruffled NOT FOR SALE 2017 - $6.00: Iris Name: American Greetings Hybridizer & Year: (Meek, 1991) Height: TB 36 Bloom Time: Late midseason Color: White standards, powder blue falls, coral red beards Color: White self with yellow to white beards with white horns. Other Attributes: (HM 02), space age, ruffled NOT FOR SALE 2017 - $7.00: Iris Name: Eagle s Flight Hybridizer & Year: (Schreiner, 1986) Height: TB 35 Bloom Time: Early - midseaso

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Some Bearded Iris have the tendency to bloom gloriously in June, and then rebloom in late summer and into fall. All they require is a light dose of fertilizer once the first bloom is complete, and regular watering when things get hot and dry. We've gathered our Reblooming Iris below Bearded irises will thrive in most well drained soils. If you have heavy soil, adding humus - compost - or other organic material - will improve drainage. Gypsum is an excellent soil conditioner that can improve most clay soils. The ideal pH for irises is 6.8 (slightly acidic) but irises are quite tolerant of less-than-perfect soils

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Iris 'Clarence' is a striking Tall Bearded Iris with white standards tinted violet contrasting with the light blue-violet falls and creamy beard. This wonderful reblooming iris is sweetly fragrant too! Profuse bloomer, it produces up to 5-6 buds per stem and will bring its glorious and glamorous blooms in late spring or early summer and rebloom. Bearded iris with white standard petals and purple falls petals In many iris the standards and falls are quite distinct, but in some, like the Japanese iris, the standards are mostly horizontal and start looking like falls. In all cases the standards are the three upper most petals. What is a Beard The English name, Bearded Iris, refers to the bristly hairs emerging from the flowers' throats. These sun-loving, hardy perennials produce a succession of blooms on sturdy stems above bold, sword-shaped leaves. Some Bearded Iris have a sweet perfume, many rebloom Color: White/cream standards, medium yellow falls, bright yellow to white beards. Other Attributes: Rebloomer $6.00: Iris Name: Sixtine C Hybridizer & Year: (Cayeux, 1994) Height: TB 41 Bloom Time: Midseason Color: White standards with bright blue/violet blended falls with white centers and brown/yellow lined shoulders and orange to white beards Most irises below are tall bearded (TB) irises; a few are Intermediate Bearded (IB) or other types of bearded iris. At the end of this list is our one historic Siberian iris; we hope to add more over time. Photos are by Nancy McDonald, and in the public domain, unless otherwise noted. A big Thank you

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Bearded Iris Specialist Care Notes. POSITION. Bearded Irises dislike being crowded in with other plants. They need an open position where they can feel the breeze. Poor air circulation, like sticky soil, leads to bacterial problems. To flower well, Bearded Irises need full sun for at least six hours a day Tall Bearded Iris (Iris x germanica) are sold as bareroot plants in the fall, with select varieties also available as potted plants in the spring. See each variety for further detail. All Iris This huge genus contains upwards of 200 species, which range from flashy divas to smaller, more subtle forms The Tall Bearded iris are the nobility of the Iris world. They have stem heights ranging from 28 to 40 inches. The tall bearded iris are gorgeous flowers that are available in all colors and make superb cut flower arrangements. With 12 buds each, the tall bearded iris are stunning flowers and are the most popular of the bearded iris TALL BEARDED IRIS. Tall Bearded (TB) -- have stalks with a height of 70 cm (27 1/2 inches) and above, with branching and many buds. Each stalk, in itself, makes a stately arrangement in the garden or in a vase. In addition to a wide variety of colors and patterns, the TBs display other qualities (such as ruffling and lacing) more frequently.

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IRIS GERMANICA ~ Tall Bearded Iris (2) Bulbs - White W/Yellow/Gold Edges - e20. PAPCOOL 10 White Iris B.ụlbs Rhịzome Iris. $42.99 $ 42. 99. $9.99 shipping. Only 17 left in stock - order soon. 20 Mixed Siberian IRIS Sibirica Iris Bicolor Blue Red White Purple Flower Seeds. 3.5 out of 5 stars 9 Looking for a sure bet? Clarence reblooming bearded iris is a multiple award winner from the American Iris Society, for vigor and looks! White standards (upper petals) stand tall over two-tone cream and blue-purple falls (lower petals). A delicate cream beard finishes the stately look

Amazon.com: iris bulbs bearded. African Iris White - 3 Live Plants - Dietes Iridioides - Drought Tolerant Groundcover Grass. 4.4 out of 5 stars 12. $26.98 $ 26. 98. FREE Shipping. Pretty Flowering Perenials, Reblooming Iris, Bearded Iris, Black, Root, Plant, Great Spectacular Flower Heads Reblomming Bearded Iris Frequent Flyer. Like white fluffy clouds with little bits of yellow sunshine peeking through, Frequent Flyer will raise your spirits even when the weather doesn't cooperate. Very pretty in a simple crystal vase - the ruffled blooms draw the eye and the light scent pleases the nose Online Catalog > Shop Bearded Iris > Shop Iris by Color > White Iris. White Iris. 44 North. See details-Sold Out-Aello. See details. $14.00. Qty. Add to Cart Add to wish list. American Classic. See details. $8.50. Qty. Add to Cart Add to wish list. Angelwalker. See details. $8.50. Qty. Add to Cart Add to. Starring Bearded Iris (Iris germanica) offers drama and decadence with velvety midnight falls contrasted by crisp white standards. With smoky orange beards that make perfect landing pads for bumblebees, the striking color combo can wake up a sleepy late-spring landscape. This multiple award-winner will steal the show in the late-spring garden

Reblooming Iris 'Autumn Circus' is a classy Tall Bearded Iris with beautifully ruffled and flared white standards, elegantly veined with blue-violet, a coloration which intensifies gradually toward their edges. Its white falls exhibit blue-violet lines radiating from their white beard and plicata edges. 34 inches tall (85 cm What white Irises do you have in your garden? by evelyninthegarden: Mar 15, 2021 6:42 AM: 84: Your most vigorous iris by Hybridizer: May 19, 2020 11:26 AM: 79: Blooms 2019 by cliftoncat: Mar 11, 2020 9:12 PM: 2,568: The Best for Less by Polymerous: Jan 2, 2019 3:45 PM: 14: Superstition Iris Gardens 2019 Introductions by lovemyhouse: Dec 30. Iris Name: La De Da Hybridizer & Year: (Ensminger, 1998) Height: IB 22 Bloom Time: Mid - late season Color: Mauve self with white streaks & splashes, pink to mauve beards. Other Attributes: NOT FOR SALE 2017 - $6.00: Iris Name: La Mer Hybridizer & Year: (Richardson, 1994) Height: TB 37 Bloom Time: Early - midseaso

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Iris Germanica Kharput is a velvety deep blue-violet purple intermediate bearded iris with a yellow-tipped white beard. It is an early season bloomer and grows to about two feet high. Iris Kharput is also known as Asiatica, Italia, and Karput INTERMEDIATE BEARDED IRIS. Intermediate Bearded (IB) -- stand from 16 inches (41 cm) to 27 1/2 inches (70 cm) high, with their bloom season overlapping the SBDs and the TBs. Although the IBs show their dwarf ancestry in early bloom season and very interesting color patterns, they are large enough that their individual stalks may be nicely. KNOWLTON MEDAL - award for Border Bearded iris - 1 award per year LUMINATA - style arms and hafts are white or yellow, the remainder of the flower is washed with color MEDIAN - includes iris in the following classes: Border Bearded, Intermediate Bearded, Miniature Tall Bearded, or Standard Dwarf Bearded

Laced Cotton Iris, Iriswarehouse, tall bearded iris, Hybridizer, Schreiner, historic iris, (1978), Height 34, Mid to late season, Ruffled white self; lemon to near white beard. Honorable Mention1982; Award of Merit 198 Whooper swan is one of our range of Classic White Bearded Irises. This is a truly stunning white iris with striking red beard. The branching is pronounced with two or three branches with flowers appearing in candelabra fashion. This is a high impact architectural plant and ideal for those who love clear clean cool colours White Bearded Iris Flower Iris germanica with Water Drops, Macro Photo with Selective Focus. Beautiful white bearded iris flower at full bloom in the Spring. White Iris germanica or Bearded Iris on green background in landscaped garden. Beautiful White very large head of iris flower. Selective focus

Re-Blooming Bearded Iris - Blue Mix Pre-Order • Ships Fall 2021. Collection of 5 Striking Blue, Purple & White Bearded Iris Bulbs. Easy to Grow; Deer Resistant; Prefers Full Sun & Well-Drained Soil; Blooms in Both Spring & Fall. A Must for Any Perennial Garden, Adding Colors & Heights. Buy Bearded Iris Bulbs in Bulk & Save! Unit Size. Unit Price Bearded irises need good air circulation. Plant them a minimum of 16 to 18 inches apart (less space for dwarf irises and more for tall bearded iris varieties). Do not mulch. Mulching helps the soil retain moisture, and too much moisture will cause the rhizomes to rot. Remove seedpods that form after the blooms have faded Bearded Iris should be planted at least 6 weeks before your ground freezes for the year. The earlier in late summer or early fall you can plant bearded iris the better results you will have. Bearded Iris are quite sensitive to planting depth. Plant so that the rhizome is partially above ground, typically this planting depth is 1-2 below the.

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  1. Bearded Iris + Allium. Allium are popular fall-planted perennial bulbs that grow and bloom in spring. The combination of bearded iris and allium are the grand finale of the spring bulb flower season. They are the last of the fall-planted bulbs to bloom. Allium are generally available in purple, pink or white blooms
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  3. Bearded irises ( Iris germanica) are some of the easiest and most beautiful perennials to include in your landscape. The name of this genus comes from Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, because the flowers range in a wide variety of colors. Irises are easy to grow as long as they are properly planted and maintained
  4. Sunrise Elegy Bearded Iris. Iris 'Sunrise Elegy' Step into your garden on a spring morning and enjoy the beautiful blooms of 'Sunrise Elegy' bearded iris. It's buttercup-yellow-and-white flowers seem to have a glow all their own. The delicately serrated petals add to the overall effect. 'Sunrise Elegy' grows over 3 feet tall. Zones 3-
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  6. Iris 'Art Déco' is a tall bearded plicata iris with dark violet standards. The white falls have a dark blue-violet 'stitching' effect around the edges of each petal. Very early flowering, from mid-April to late May. Height: 85cm
  7. Siberian Iris by vanozzi: Dec 11, 2016 5:21 PM: 35: bonnie's blooms ~ 2015 by grannysgarden: May 7, 2015 1:33 PM: 425: Bearded Irises by midnight21: Jan 27, 2016 11:03 AM: 73: Let's get this show on the road! by tveguy3: May 25, 2014 2:08 PM: 1,561: wanda rezac's list part 2 s-z by irisawe: Oct 23, 2017 7:04 AM: 20: wanda rezac's iris list by.

Aug 3, 2020 - Explore Octavia's board White Iris on Pinterest. See more ideas about iris, white iris, bearded iris Bearded iris need good air circulation. Plant them a minimum of 16 to 18 inches apart (less space for dwarf irises and more for tall bearded iris varieties). Do not mulch. Mulching helps the soil retain moisture, and too much moisture will cause the rhizomes to rot. Remove seedpods that form after the blooms have faded Darley Dale. Discover Darley Dale a Cream White Bearded Iris. A classy iris with great shape and structure - a plant with real impact. One of the last irises raised by my father, justly earning him his final Dykes Medal when he was over eighty. A highly versatile 'White' and a must for those who love clear clean cool colours

Bearded irises have 'beards' on each of the falls (lower petals) of the flowers. Iris 'White City' bears large, pale blue flowers which fade to white as they mature, with orange-white beards.It's ideal for growing in a mixed herbaceous border or gravel garden, and makes an excellent cut flower White [iris] today have come a long way since the days of their famous ancestors. Ruffles, lace, and a sun-catching characteristic of the flower's cells, colloquially called diamond dusting, top the list of adjectives used to describe white irises. (Kelly Norris, A Guide to Bearded Irises: Cultivating the Rainbow for Beginners and. Flower Patterns: Amoena. Bloom Color Description: White standards, lower edge touched tan, pencil thin purple edge, and/or faint lavender edge; midnight purple falls becoming purple below prominent white starburst, white center stripe. Beard Color: White, tipped coral red. Style Arm Color: White, crests splashed with brown bronze and slight purple Iris. Our Irises. Irises are a particular passion for us at Woottens. We grow over 3 acres of Bearded Iris, Iris sibirica and Iris spuria as well as over 30 other species in pots. Michael Loftus began his collection of Bearded Iris over 20 years ago with many modern introductions including fabulous creations from Schreiners Nursery in Oregon.

Approximately 24x24 Designed in Nick's Exclusive Wreath Communit White Iris - White Tall Bearded Iris Online Catalog. Pleasants Valley Iris Farm has a wide variety of White Irises to choose from. Mixed Bag of 10 Unnamed Iris. Regular price: $39.95. Sale price: $29.95

Main Street Bearded Iris Description. With its prominent fragrance and striking shading, this award-winning bearded iris is sure to capture the attention of neighbours and passersby. Its slightly open, lilac-white standards contrast starkly with its velvety purple-black falls. Bright orange beards add further to the colour show Reblooming Iris are iris that bloom in two seasons or multiple times. Not all reblooming iris perform in all gardening zones. On the website there is a button that says, Reblooming. Click on this button to see if the iris you are choosing typically reblooms in your zone. Items 1 to 16 of 23 total Immortality Reblooming Bearded Iris Iris germanica Immortality. Sale Price I Save 15%. $9.99 Sale $8.49. Per Bareroot Plant. Immortality Reblooming Bearded Iris (Iris germanica Immortality) is a vigorous reblooming Iris with delicately ruffled, pure-white blooms with lemon-yellow beards Standard dwarf bearded iris listing. We have a large listing of standard dwarf bearded irises for sale other than our own introductions. We will add some photos, SDB RE WHITE BOW TIE G. Sutton 2007 X Re z-6 12 EM&Re creamy white with white beards; ruffled $5

The bearded iris plant has a fascinating mythological origin story. The Greek goddess Iris would descend to Earth on a rainbow to deliver messages from the gods to the humans. Wherever she landed, varicolored flowers sprang to life. Makes a lot of sense, knowing that iris is the Greek word for rainbow. This selection of Iris is a tall bearded type that offers pure-white flowers. It commonly reblooms in fall and grows 3 feet tall. It commonly reblooms in fall and grows 3 feet tall. Zones 4-9 Bearded iris (Iris germanica) fill in this gap splendidly, blooming in April through mid-June, depending on the variety. The shorter bearded iris, such as the dwarf varieties bloom earlier while the elegant tall bearded iris bloom later in May to mid-June. No matter which type you grow, you can depend on them to bloom for a full two weeks Iris is a genus of 260-300 species of flowering plants with showy flowers.It takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, which is also the name for the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris.Some authors state that the name refers to the wide variety of flower colors found among the many species. As well as being the scientific name, iris is also widely used as a common name for all Iris.

White Bearded Iris !!! (West Hanover Twp Hbg.) Bearded iris are tough, hardy perennials and a welcome sign of summer. hardy easy to grow and spectacular flowers, great for border plantings and grow 2-3' tall and spread, do best in a sunny border 8 pot 3-4 plants to pot $8.00 !!! ♥ best of [? Amazing Iris Garden is a nursery specialising in high quality bearded irises including Tall, Medium and Dwarf Bearded irises, Louisiana irises, Siberian and Japanese irises.We are a commercial nursery, with over 1300 varieties of Irises from New Zealand and overseas Iris Pshaw +White with grape-purple veins and edges +Tall Bearded (28-36 tall) +Blooms mid-April to early May in North Carolina Irises are very drought tolerant and deer resistant perennials. They need sun (at least 6 hours a day) and well-drained soil to grow well. The rhizomes (swolle Details about 3 white tall bearded iris. Large white flowers with yellow beards. See original listing. 3 white tall bearded iris. Large white flowers with yellow beards. Condition:--not specified. Ended: Jun 08, 2021. Winning bid: US $7.00 [ 1 bid] Shipping: $6.75 Standard Shipping | See.

Bearded Iris are also an incredible cut flower. They have great staying power in a vase, and if you pick a stem with multiple blooms, the tight buds will slowly open as the older blooms begin to fade and shrivel 3 Pale purple with white bearded iris rhizome (set of 3) sweetgardentreats 4.5 out of 5 stars (123) $ 25.33 FREE shipping Add to Favorites 5 Deep Purple Bearded Iris Rhizomes TheHatcheryStore 5 out of 5 stars (4) $ 20.00. Add to Favorites. Details about 3 white tall bearded iris. Large white flowers with yellow beards. See original listing. 3 white tall bearded iris. Large white flowers with yellow beards. Condition:--not specified. Ended: May 24, 2021. Winning bid: US $10.50 [ 8 bids] Shipping: $6.75 Standard Shipping.

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Hornpipe is a Classic White Bearded Iris, a really captivating stylish 'Plicata', and one of the best available. Great branching and the delicate pale blue stitching makes this a real show stopper. Hugely popular with our garden visitors and introduced as a result Color: Butter cream standards with near white wide edging, white falls with a wide lavender border and dark lavender rim and gold veining on shoulders, yellow/gold blended to white tipped beards. Other Attributes: Malevil 2006, ruffled, pleated, slight spicy fragrance $11.00: Iris Name: Misty Breanne Hybridizer & Year: (Pinegar, 2001 Iris germanica 'Immortality'. SKU. 02943. Large fragrant blooms have pure white petals with soft lemon yellow highlights in the center. A classic addition to perennial borders, cottage gardens. Large flowers add a bold yet delicate element to arrangements. Herbaceous All Bearded Irises. Nola's Iris Gardens offers an impressive collection of bearded iris plants for sale, including reblooming bearded iris and tall bearded iris. We dig up each of our plants at the end of summer and ship them directly to you so you can enjoy them at their peak. Keep in mind: the earlier you order, the better, as some varieties. Flat bearded iris with blue-white falls. Rebloomer. HM2008 34 ML $8.00: GIBSON GIRL (Gibson 1946) Yellow ground red plicata. Rebloomer. 36 M $8.00: GILDED GOWN (Couturier 1997) Standards white, gold midrib flush, very slight gold edging and veining. Falls white, beard golden orange, pale lavender horns. Ruffled with slight sweet fragrance. 33.

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Snowy white standards with peach falls. Rebloomer. HM2001 24 M $8.00: CIRCUS STRIPES (Plough 1976) Standards white, edged campanula violet, heavier at tips; falls white, overall veining of campanula violet-purple, yellow to white beard. 30 M $7.00: CIRQUE DU SOLEIL (Sutton 2006) Heavily ruffled creamy yellow. HM2008 37 EML $8.00: CLARENCE. BUY IRIS! BUY Tall Bearded IRIS rhizomes. We are have one of the largest selection of different varieties of iris in the United States. Choose from over 2000 varieties of IRIS FOR SALE and DAYLILIES FOR SALE online at IRISWAREHOUSE AND DAYLILYWAREHOUSE.Tall bearded, median, siberian, historic, novelty IRIS for sale

Plant database entry for Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Fogbound') with 47 images, 2 comments, and 35 data details. Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Fogbound') in the Irises Database - Garden.org Wholesale Bearded Iris Rhizomes . We carry an extensive line of wholesale bearded iris rhizomes, ranging from the midnight black 'All Night Long' to the stunning blue 'Victoria Falls'. Bulk bearded iris rhizomes are available for landscape professionals or growers, or in retail packaging for independent garden centers Welcome to Iris of Sissinghurst. Iris of Sissinghurst is run by Sue Marshall and is a specialist nursery for Tall, Intermediate & Short Bearded Irises, Sibiricas, Ensatas & many other Iris for all situations.. You can order our Irises directly online now or you can still order by mail. (follow the links at the right to our catalogue and mail order form. Immortality Reblooming Bearded Iris (Iris germanica Immortality) has delicately ruffled, pure-white blooms, with soft, lemon-yellow beards. Iris Immortality is a fragrant, medium-sized Iris, with large blooms, short stems and close branching. A vigorous grower and reliable rebloomer, Iris Immortality blooms in late spring and again in late summer/early fall Brows our famous Tall Bearded Iris by choosing. a Color category below: White/Ivory. Pink. Peach. Yellow/Gold. Brown/Maroon. Orange. Red

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Palest blue flowers maturing to white. Mid season. Perhaps the most scented bearded iris of all! Ht. 90cm. The most impressive of all in our fields. Dykes Medal 1960. Introduced by Murrell 1939. All bearded Iris require full sun and a well-drained soil. Plant rhizomes just proud of the soil level White & Yellow Reblooming Bearded Iris Halloween Halo Stand out this spring with our Halloween Halo reblooming bearded iris!Their sweet, fragrant blooms bewitch with ghostly white petals and jaunty yellow falls, frocked by bright orange beards. Easy to Grow Iris Bulbs form robust clumps in the spring and reliably rebloom near trick-or-treat time in zones 5 and above Discover Ice Pinnacle a Lavender White Bearded Iris. This is a tremendous Iris with great style and structure and terrific branching ; a classic 'Amoena' (white standards and lavender blue falls). An unusual and dramatic colour combination, but soft and subtle, a plant of real contrast and distinction. This iris flowers early on in the. Rio Rojo Tall Bearded Iris Plant. Price: 15.99. Shipping Now. More Details. Black Mirror Bearded Iris Plant. Unavailable for 2021. Caesar's Brother Siberian Iris Plant. Unavailable for 2021. Candlemas Bearded Iris Plant

Intermediate Bearded Iris 'Kahuna' Iris Hybridized by M. Smith, 1999: Tall Bearded Iris 'Kai Soo' Iris Hybridized by Gersdorff, 1939 : Arilbred Iris 'Kaifa Kabul' Iris Hybridized by C. G. White, 1956 : Tall Bearded Iris 'Kaila's Dance' Iris Hybridized by Scott, 2000: Tall Bearded Iris 'Kaint Hardly Believe' Iris Hybridized by Burseen, 200 The tall bearded iris varieties come in flamboyant colors which lively up the June garden. They are June bloomers and generally planted only in the fall. 'Immortality' is a tall bearded Reblooming Iris which flowers in June and then offers a second crop of pristine white flowers in late summer. It's hardy to Zone 4 Although bearded iris don't need a lot, a small serving of specially-designed iris fertilizer can make your display grow even stronger and healthier. Breck's® Iris Lovers All-Natural Iris Food uses a 4-4-2 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, respectively. Our iris food is well-balanced, so your irises won't be over- or underfed Reblooming Bearded Iris, also known as Reblooming Iris Germanica, profusely bloom with color & fragrance several times each year. Nearly indestructible, they thrive in most of the country and tolerate high heat and dry soil extremely well. Iris's are critter resistant and hummingbird magnets.Once established, flowering will occur in the Fall and Spring (even more often in mild climates) Iris Standard Dwarf Bearded - blue/white selection. Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris: USDA Zone: 2-9: Plant number: 1.295.120. Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris have similar flowers to the more familiar Tall Bearded Iris, but on a dwarf plant that blooms much earlier. A good choice for the rock garden, or as an edging at the front of the border

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standard dwarf bearded iris (SDB) -- some of the most useful garden plants, ranging in height from 20 cm (8 inches) to 41 cm (16 inches). They begin their bloom as the MDBs are ending, still quite early in the iris season Re-Blooming Bearded Iris - Frequent FlyerFluffy white petals delicately veined in pale green soar above vibrant, sword shaped leaves. Warmed by sunny yellow beards, Frequent Flyers are the perfect addition to any garden or bouquet Type: Rhizomes. white bearded iris bulbs. Shipped with USPS First Class. Exactly what is pictured. Please ask if any questions. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options Border Bearded. Border bearded iris are sixteen to twenty-seven and one-half inches tall with early to late season blooms. Sort by. Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new Pleasants Valley Iris Farm has a variety of Black Irises to choose from. Anvil Of Darkness. Regular price: $12.00. Sale price: $7.80. 378. SOLD OUT