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  1. The Zorki-4, the first Soviet rangefinder to be widely sold in the West (All pics: Caleb Snyder Dicesa) By Caleb Snyder Dicesare. Ever since I discovered photography, with a Nikon D40 lent to me by a family friend, I've had my hand held. I was spoiled by auto-focus, auto-exposure, image preview, and photo-editing software
  2. Update March 2013: I've been collaborating with the poet Rebecca Goss on a project using the Zorki-4 and the Jupiter-8 lens. We've called it the Jupiter Project.. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Zorki-4 camera on ebay, because I wanted to see what it was like to use a rangefinder, and I don't have the money to experiment with Leicas.I think I have been lucky with my purchase
  3. g. Best to test before shooting anything important.-Pau
  4. Zorki 4. 1968 Zorki 4 (USSR) The Zorki 4 was a hugely successful rangefinder made by the KMZ factory in Krasnogorsk. Like the FED rangefinders, the original Zorki was a copy of a Leica II but subsequent iterations improved the basic design over time. Mine is from 1968 and is mostly functional, missing only the accessory shoe
  5. The viewfinder on the Zorki 4 is one of the better finders you'll find on a Soviet rangefinder, and the rangefinder is actually quite good, but after looking through the finder on my Voigtlander Bessa R, the Zorki finder is pretty small. The last roll that I had shot in the camera back in early 2014 ended up having some issues with light leaks
  6. t until I opened it and saw all the paint rubbed off the film track from the hundreds of rolls of film this camera has been. alex ringer.

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  1. Zorki Stock Photos and Images (151) Narrow your search: 2014: Zorki 4 was possibly the most popular of all Zorki cameras, introduced in 1956 by KMZ factory in Krasnogorsk, Rus July 2019 - Travel concept with camera and Turkish Phrase Book. View at Zorki 4 camera isolated on white..
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  4. Zorki-4 Photos #1. On Tuesday, I posted about a Soviet made Zorki-4 rangefinder I bought off ebay. After checking it out as to all the shutter speeds operating and whatnot, I put a roll of Kodak Ultra Color 400 film in it and promtly took a bunch of boring, but informative photographs to check the camera out in different lighting and at.

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Taking photos with the Zorki-4 is a pleasant experience if you're used to cameras like these, but agonizing if you're not. The camera handles like a brick, with very crude controls. It doesn't have a good grip, and feels sturdy and hollow. Where real Leicas feel elegant and have a mechanical souplesse, the Zorki-4 is obviously a crude people's. The Zorki 4k review. The Zorki 4k is a Soviet rangefinder camera with no frills at all, just the basics that you actually need. Being a fully mechanical camera with no light meter, the shutter speed and apature have to be set by the user either using the sunny 16 rule or a hand held light meter. I opted for the sunny 16 as I was unwilling to. The Zorki-4K is a 1970s Soviet-era 35mm film rangefinder camera. While KMZ did produce a Zorki-5 and a Zorki-6, the Zorki-4K body is actually the latest camera in the line, with a total of 524.610 cameras produced from 1972 to 1978. Latin Zorki-4K = Cyrillic Зоркий-4K and means Sharp Sight. The Zorki-4K is basically a Zorki-4 with the. ZORKI-4 photo camera since 1956. Made in USSR. Number 72030373 Индустар-50 3,5/50 650 gram

film: ILFORD HP5lens: Jupiter 8more photos: http://instagram.com/analogshotzFilm scanned with DSL The Zorki will also mount any Leica thread-mount lens, and accessory viewfinders. I am really good with the doom and gloom about cameras but it's time to lighten up things a bit. The Zorki 1 is a really nice picture taking machine. It comes from another world and era, what you see as quirks was the norm back then and not specific to it The Zorki 4 would remain in production until 1973 and the Zorki 4K until 1978. There was also a Zorki 5 from 1958 - 1959, and a Zorki 6 from 1958 - 1966, but they featured top speeds of 1/500 second (like the Mir) and very different top plates

Zorki. The Zorki, specifically the 4K model, is my favorite Russian camera. It's classic design and apparently great reliability make it a winner in my book. Zorki cameras were also produced by KMZ and were initially direct copies of the Leica II, due to the World War II situations I discussed earlier Zorki-4 Photos #6. Last two, I promise. I know I've bored you, but I'm really pumped about how nice this little camera is. I've ordered some tools and some camera repair books, and hope to use this all-manual Zorki as a ginea pig to learn to CLA (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust) cameras Find zorki 4 stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day

I found out that the Zorki 4 had a sticking shutter as it has not been used for years and 1/3rd of every frame was totally burned out but after loads of clicking of the shutter over the weekend it seemed to have done the trick as the 2nd roll exposed fine Zorki Stock Photos and Images (151) Narrow your search: 2014: Zorki 4 was possibly the most popular of all Zorki cameras, introduced in 1956 by KMZ factory in Krasnogorsk, Rus July 2019 - Travel concept with camera and Turkish Phrase Book. View at Zorki 4 camera isolated on white..

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Evita photography. photos with love. Tag: zorki -4. my cameras vol 1 -Zorki-4. Zorki-4 I used to go to abandoned places just for fun,so one day i found a zorki camera and it . More. history photography, zorki -4, zorki cameras, zorki history. Search for The Zorki 4 is a Leica copy rangefinder built by KMZ, utilising the Leica Thread Mount (LTM), which accepts any lens built in that eco system. Keep in mind the pitch on the Zorki is slightly different, so it can cause infinity focus issues if you mount true Leica lens. You can read a review on this camera here The Zorki 4K is a Leica copy, just like its counterpart the Fed 4, made by KMZ factory in Krasnogorsk, Russia. It uses the M39 mount, just like the Leica. It does not have a built-in light meter nor strap lugs, so a case is a must, but I personally don't like to have the top cover of the case hanging down when I use it (you can't separate them. photo size: medium 640 new Zorki 4 K recent | Zorki 4 K recent | interesting | random. La Couze Pavin, Puy De Dôme, France by o2fik. Château de Murol by o2fik. Zorki-4K, Jupiter-8, Kodak Vision 2 250D expired by Allex Sk. Zorki-4K, Jupiter-8, Kodak Vision 2 250D expired by Allex Sk | loaded 4 / 1845 - 0%.

I've recently bought a Zorki 4 and the results I get from my test roll are quite disappointing. I've been calibrating the mirror, adjusting it for both infinity focus and close one (1 meter). Here is the result I get for a picture taken with the focus set to infinity on the lens Image Zorki 4:D.. i ordered a Zorki 4 on ebay yesterday and some Ilford Delta 400asa film:D. however my brothers girlfriend was kind enough to give me hers for free.. so now.. i have one and have another on the way.her one does have some shutter wave thing and very dirty lens with oil on aperture blade so i should be able to get one fully perfectly working one! anyway i have just shot a roll.

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Zorki 4K. This 35mm rangefinder camera was based on the famous Zorki 4, another superior Soviet camera whose production run outlasted all of its contemporaries.This includes Leica's decadent M3.It's a compact, beautiful machine capable of performing all tasks a photographer could ask of it Zorki-4K Brief Description. 1. Purpose ZORKI-4K is a single-lens rangefinder camera intended for taking various amateur and professional pictures on black-and-white film. The camera is provided with a shutter setting lever and a self-timer and is M and X synchronized My journey to find the perfect camera. Purchased a Zorki 4 with Jupiter 8 50mm f2.0 lens, from Fedka, $145 plus $23 shippin

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My Zorki 4 turned to be OK, and I like what I've got with it. You have to be tolerant with these old cameras, but they could surprise you. Here is the link with the rest of the pics I've got with it Very similar in feel to the slightly bulkier Zorki-4 but the viewfinder on the Zorki is astoundingly large in comparison. One of my favorite and least favorite parts of the FED 2 as well as the Zorki is the diopter adjustment lever which is nice to have but easy to get stuck fiddling with if you know what I mean

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All cameras in the photos have Industar-22 50mm f/3.5 lenses. Body types []. There are 5 different body types or 23 types and sub-types (variations) of Zorki-1 . Type 1a is a direct descendant of the Fed-Zorki.; Type 1b has a different collar around the shutter release, allowing for a threaded cable KMZ Rare Zorki-4 /PM1755/ (1965) Limited edition to export Cuba !! Functionality: fully functional - the lenses of the lens and the viewfinder are clean, the viewfinder's visibility is good - without distortion, the focus and aperture work smoothly and pleasantly. The shutter fulfills the entire range of shutter speeds perfectly

Seemed like the perfect pairing with the novel rangefinder. So here goes - Zorki 4 rangefinder camera, Jupiter-8 50mm f/2 lens, Porta 400 film. I pushed the Porta 1-2 stops most of the time, but with standard processing. All images taken about 15 minutes down the road from home (Guildford and Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia) zorki 4 camera. I really haven't any genuine idea as to how well this camera works because I don't know how to work it. If I twist a knob it does wind the shutter back and it fires but how well, I can't guarantee. I'm pretty sure it does, but needs a good clean because it's been in my in-laws loft for about 50 years or more.</p><p>Comes with a leather case case.</p><p>The lens needs. Zorki 4. The Zorki 4 is a 35mm rangefinder camera, manufactured by KMZ near Moscow in the former USSR. Produced between 1956 and 1973, there were 1715677 made in the time. ЗОРКИЙ = Zorki means 'sharp sight' in Russian. The Zorki-4 was possibly the most popular of all Zorki cameras and the first to be exported in large numbers to the west. Exported versions are easily identified as they. (See the earlier article on photo snobbery.) I don't intend to rehash the history of the Zorki, which is already covered extensively elsewhere. Instead, this is intended more as a practical review to owning and using a Zorki camera. I own two cameras from the Zorki family, a Zorki-4, and a slightly newer Mir. The Mir is nearly identical to the. The particular Zorki I had was sporting a standard 50mm Jupiter 8 lens, which seemed to have a little oil on the aperture blades. This didn't affect my pictures in any way so I wasn't too bothered about it. The lens is pretty sharp and gives an older look to your pictures, which I like a lot

Category for pictures taken with camera: Media in category Zorki 4 The following 34 files are in this category, out of 34 total. 35mm-Film-Rangefinder-Zorki-4-Special-Edition-50th-Anniversary-of-the-Russian-Revolution.jpg. Cámara Zorki 4.jpg. Electronic flashes from USSR.JPG. Reading Festival 1975. Et bien voilà, j'ai enfin eu le courage de scanner mes négatifs issus de mes 2 premières sorties avec mon Zorki 4 récement acquis, de 1959, avec le Jupiter 8 de 1959 (ouvert entre 2 et 5.6) et le Jupiter 12 de 1959 (ouvert entre 2.8 et 5.6) pour les 2 dernières photos. numéros de série des objos (Jupiter 8 Nr. 5916979, Jupiter 12 Nr. 5909986 The following picture is the same camera with 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm lenses displayed. Both Zorki-4K pictures were taken with a Minolta 7000i camera, handheld under normal room lighting. The film was ISO400 B+W print film pushed to ISO1600 Zorki w/ Industar 22. Zorki w/ Industar 50. When you're looking at a genuine Leica with a genuine Elmar lens, with the lens set to infinity, the focusing arm should always be near the 7 o'clock position around the lens mount, but when looking at a Soviet camera, in most cases, it's usually near the 9 o'clock position

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Zorki 4 with Jupiter 8 lens made excellent photos despite some mechanical poblems. Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2020 Verified Purchas Wedding Photography. Orchestrating the Perfect Moments at your Wedding to Capture Moments of a Lifetime. Marrie J. December 1, 2020. Weddings are a celebration of love and the big finale of what is sometimes years of build-up and excitement, when two people come together in. The Zorki 6 was introduced just three years after the Zorki 4. I think that it was intentionally made as a simpler, cheaper and low cost Zorki 4 version and not to replace it. After all, the Zorki 6 was built until 1966 with less than 400,000 units made, while the Zorki 4 was continued until 1973 with more than 1,7 million units made

The Photo College > Zorki 4_4K CLA Fin [PDF] Guía de Anthony Nicholls sobre el desmontaje, reparación del mecanismo de tiempos lentos, limpieza y ajuste de los visores, calibración del telémetro y lubricación del obturador de una Zorki 4K ZORKI-4 Russian Soviet rangefinder Leica copy camera Industar-61 L/D lens Produced Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant (KMZ) in the town of Krasnogorsk, Moscow region in 1956-1973 years.The camera body is metallic, with a removable rear wall. Viewfinder is combined with a rangefinder. Platoon shutter and film rewind by turning the handwheel (the crown) flash pictures can only be taken at a shutter speed of 1/30th of a second. for bulbs the synchronizer should be set to the dot adjacent to m for flash bulbs and x for electronic ( in the case of the zorki 4) The Zorki 4 had a long production run with roughly 1.7 million units made from 1956 to about 1973 by Krasnogorsky Mekhanichesky Zavod near Moscow. Over the course of its production run the Zorki 4 had many variations best outlined on Soviet Cams if you want to go deep. As with any former Soviet Union photography equipment, quality control was.

Zorki Photo Cafe. 2 hrs · 10,864,326 Views. Professor Elwood Pricklethorn. July 10 at 4:57 AM. I'm being transparent here. This is tree-rific art! Artist: Howard Lee. English (US) Español; Français (France) 中文(简体 The Zorki 4 is a rangefinder camera from the former Soviet Union with interchangeable lens capability; this one has both an Industar 61/LD lens and an Industar 50 lens. It has been cleaned, lubricated and adjusted, was repainted and has received a new covering of black kidskin Produced: 1956-1973, KMZ, Krasnogorsk, USSR Film type: 35mm Image size: 36x24mm Lens: KMZ Jupiter-8 2/50 (M39 mount) Shutter: horizontal focal plane (cloth) Shutter speeds: 1-1/1000 and first photos from a zorki 4, kind of dissapointed because some light leaked in but some photos are pretty cool, any improvments that i should consider? Close. Vote. Posted by 4 minutes ago

Classic cameras. The Zorki-4K is one of the last descendants of a long lineage of Russian clones of the thread mount Leicas, namely the Leica II and III. This lineage includes also the FED cameras that are very close related with the Zorkis. These cameras were made by the KMZ factory in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow , in the glory days of ex-USSR Keep enjoying the Zorki, and just never touch a Leica - perfect is the enemy of good! Several things are just moving nicer, smoother, are more clearer, more precise - the Zorki has a decent viewfinder, but the Leica ones are on another level (those are the main reason I avoided trying a Leica) If you find this manual useful, how about a donation of $3 to: M. Butkus, 29 Lake Ave., High Bridge, NJ 08829-1701. and send your e-mail address so I can thank you. Most other places would charge you $7.50 for a electronic copy. or $18.00 for a hard to read Xerox copy Zorki, zorki 4k, zorki 4 instruction manual, user manual, pdf. Zorki 4k vintage camera overview youtube. Zorki 4k rangefinder 35mm film camera beginners guide youtube. Zorki 4 controls | photo. Net photography forums. Leica copies: zorki, fedka. Com. Zorki 4. Zorki 4 from the focal plane to infinity. Mode d'emploi notice manuel d'utilisation.

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Released 1956 This is my first rangefinder camera. It's also my first compact camera that has interchangeable lenses. It has some pretty unusual quirks, but it's fun. There is some excellent glass available in M39 mount so this is a high-quality photographic tool, and a good alternative to an SLR. See all photos taken wit The FED-KMZ, FED-Zorki and early Zorki 1Bs all have indents in the ears as is shown in the photo at left. Later 1Bs, like the one below, and all Zorki 1s that followed, don't have the indents. Top of the Zorki Zorki 1B shows the brand name in Cyrillic and Latin and includes the statement Made in USSR, indicating it was made for export Fake Leicas - 4 (the nitty-gritty). A good fake means a lot of little details have to be altered. Most fakers are too lazy and leave clues. This should help you spot the fakes. At the top of the camera, above the lens, are three small windows; the Leica has part of the surround to the middle one notched* This is the first model without the indents in the ears of the accessory shoe (see photo above) ZORKI 1B-The 1B has the flared collar around the shutter button and the release is threaded for a release cable. The flare isn't as wide as that of a FED 1. Another identification mark is three screws in the back of the top plate Posts about Zorki 4k written by timdobbsphotography. A week or two ago my wife got me a Zorki 4k for christmas so before she wrapped it up I insisted on putting a roll of film through it just to make sure all was well

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  1. No Meter, 1/25-1/500, B, X & M sync, no self timer, longer RF than 4/4K, but no slow speeds, the Zorki 5 and 6 appear to be a marriage of the Zorki 4 body and the Fed 2 RF/VF Zorki 6 1960-66 67 mm, 1:
  2. jakubekr's Pixabay photo of the Zorki-4. I saw the weathering on the lens, the elegant Cyrillic name of the camera, the beautiful vintage aesthetic, and I felt a need to recreate it, so I finally got to work. Modeling. Modeling was fairly straightforward and all done in Blender. I approached it like any other high poly version of a model for.
  3. Zorki means Sharp Look or rather Sharp Sight (in Dutch Scherpe Blik). The only difference with the Zorki 3C is the addition of the selftimer. My Zorki 4 was built in 1963 and my Zorki 4K was built in 1975. The 4 has the Industar 50mm and the 4K has the Jupiter-8 50mm (Zeis Sonnar clone). And it came with the original leatherlike carrying.
  4. icamera with lever-type shutter setting. The camera is intended for a wide range of versatile photography; it is used with equal success by amateur photographers and cameramen

Photo and image portfolio by Stephen Snyder, featuring 323 high-quality, royalty-free images Zorki 4 Camera / Vintage / Untested. Dispatched with Hermes Tracked. Camera appears to be in very good condition with original case, Jupiter 8 lens appears to be clear no scratches or fogging. I know very little about cameras so please take a closer look at the attached pictures. </p> Zorki-4 Functionality: lens and viewfinder lenses are clean, viewfinder visibility is good - no distortion, focusing and aperture operation are smooth and pleasant. The blades of the diaphragm are dry, without excessive lubrication. The shutter works perfectly for short exposures, and long exposures are not correct and not correct Zorki-4: Mir: Zorki-4K: Zorki-5: Zorki-6: Zorki-10 (Revue-10) Zorki-11 (Zenit Junior) Zorki-12: 2006. Sovietcams. Solution: IDAMAS, powered SmartWeb. Fed-3: The Fed-3 (a) is a new model which keeps the old body from the Fed-2. It has a new short base rangefinder assembly with a new shutter. The shutter already has slow speeds Unscrew the two dark screws that were just unveiled. Make sure the shutter is cocked, and set the shutter speed dial to 1/100s. Set the X synchro ring (under the shutter speed dial) to zero. Unscrew the shutter speed dial and take it off. Do the same with the X synchro ring. Take care with the small headless screws ‒ they tend to be very fragile

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KMZ Zorki 5 v1 (1958) This is a Zorki 5 rangefinder camera made by Krasnogorskiy Mechanicheskiy Zavod (KMZ) in Krasnogorsk during the years of 1958 - 1959. This particular camera is an early and much less common variant with a red Zorki-5 logo engraved into the body, and a square rangefinder window. Later Zorki 5s had a name plate screwed to. 4] Bottom flat springs. FED retained the design found in its original camera- straight and bent at one end. Zorki had this too in its early versions. Then Zorki redesigned this to a plain flat one. Then finally, they redesigned the spring altogether by making it into a small, plate-shaped one. I think that this is a really brilliant idea since. Zorki Photo Cafe, Cluj-Napoca: See 6 unbiased reviews of Zorki Photo Cafe, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #203 of 481 restaurants in Cluj-Napoca Appareil photo télémétrique Zorki-4 et objectif Industar 50mm. 100,00 EUR. . 10,00 EUR de frais de livraison. ou Offre directe Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Camera zorki 4 body 5916048 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! The condition on the photos. State description. Camera shutter-works, modes B, 30, 15, 8 4, 2, 1 do not work exactly. Fabric shutter flaps - no damage. Self-timer-works

Share your food party de revelion in Zorki Photo Cafe! Cause sharing is caring! Dianne Long April 25, 2013. ice tea (sugar free..) Laura Avram March 12, 2012. Here you can drink the best coffee in town. Boldan August 4, 2015 Zorki Photo plans to sell Mono for £4 (about $5.18 USD) per roll, with pre-orders available through the company's online shop starting July 7th; however, anyone who pre-orders will need to buy at least three rolls. Shipments are anticipated to begin this upcoming October, and will be available globally.. 35 mm. Brand: Zorki. Type: Rangefinder. The Zorki-6 was produced by the Krasnogorsk mechanical plant from 1959 to 1966. The Zorki-6 is a roll-film minicamera with lever-type shutter setting. The camera is intended for a wide range of versatile photography; it is used with equal success by amateur photographers and cameramen

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  1. Zorki 4 camera with SN 67859868 I haven't tested the camera with film but the winder, shutter release and timer all work as they should The lens is a Jupiter 8 and L39 screw mount with f2/50mm dimensions and Serial Number N673279
  2. Line Zorki-10. Zorki-10 ( ) Zorki-11. Zorki-12 (frame: 18x24 mm) Contrast (another name to this cameras line) Rastr (another name to this cameras line
  3. Zorki 4 Industar 50 lens with case Used, Not Working, For parts or repair, See the real photos, Sold as is If You need more photo or other information feel free to contact m
  4. The Zorki became my companion on adventures around Europe (before the current world situation, and when travel was possible). I used the Sunny-16 rule for most of my exposures, and if in doubt, I consulted a smartphone-based meter to double-check. I spent some time getting accustomed to the strange operational quirks of the camera
  5. The automatic mode (which sets shutter speeds between 1/30 and 1/500) didn't falter, but if you really want to choose the aperture yourself (from 2.8 up to 22), you can switch to manual mode and the camera will set the shutter to 1/30s for you. This is really useful in low-light conditions or when using flash. Zorki 11 - rear
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