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The best comments for girl's photos on Facebook are enlisted here for such boys and men. Choose a good comment as per the situation from the following list to impress the girls on Facebook. Best comments for a girl photo on Facebook & Instagram: I like your dress, it is amazing. You look different and cute Upload a photo or a video. Tap Photo/Video near the middle of the post screen, then select a photo or video to upload and tap Done. Doing so adds the photo or video to your post. You can tap multiple photos or videos to upload them all at once Start by opening up your Facebook account, and then going to the post you're looking to print. Next, you want to click on the three dots to the right corner of the post. The first option should be Save post and you'll click on this. There may be some previous collections you've created, and you can click to save the post there Your ability to publish your comments on someone else's page depends on the Visitor Post setting of that Facebook Page. The Page owner (admin, editor) have the option to leave the Page Post open for Visitors to comment or use the option to moderate In this video, I show you How To Turn OFF Comments on Facebook Profile Picture. Follow a step by step video showing EXACTLY what to do. Get a FREE 30 Day T..

Transcript: [0:00]HEADER: How to Post a Photo to Facebook Hello, and welcome to the tutorial How to Post a Photo to Facebook. Today, we're going to be ta.. Attaching a photo to a Facebook comment is easy. Just click the small camera icon in the comment box and upload from your computer. Or you can just drag and drop the photo directly into the comment box For one, you can add new pictures to a picture post on your profile, group, or page, and replace the original photo. You can also delete and upload a new photo into the comment or status update. Finally, you can replace the embedded link of the image you included in a comment. Let's see how to do these things. Replace the Picture in a Post

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Facebook activity should be kept friendly and light. Don't post politically charged comments and don't respond to other people who do. 5. Curse words. Again, all it takes is one slip and your reputation can be ruined. What may have seemed like a funny post during a night out with the girls can look awkward and offensive in the cold light of. 3. A perfect Facebook post is sent at non-peak hours. The thought process goes like this: You compete with hundreds of thousands of posts to be seen in the Facebook News Feeds of your fans. If you post your updates when few others are posting, your updates stand a better chance of making it through

Facebook comment threads are about to get quite a bit more crazy. A new camera button is rolling out that allows users to reply to posts with a picture. It's a simple feature, but it's one that.. Select Photo/Video in the status field either before or after you type a status, but before you select Post. Navigate through your computer's drive and select an image to highlight it. To select multiple images, hold down the Shift or Command key on a Mac, or the Ctrl key on a PC, while you select multiple images to post

What you can do is change the profile picture and set the privacy setting to Only Me. This way no of your friends will see the update on their Timeline, so there is no chance to like and comment until they do not click on your profile. Friends can it in the thumbnail profile picture Select Facebook on the Share page to post your collage directly to Facebook. There are other apps you can use to create photo collages , however, Layout stands out because of its simplicity and the ability to share the images quickly to Instagram and Facebook Name Type Description ; attachment_id. String. An optional ID of a unpublished photo (see no_story field in /{user-id}/photos) uploaded to Facebook to include as a photo comment.One of attachment_id, attachment_share_url, attachment_url, message, or source must be provided when publishing.. attachment_share_url. String. The URL of a GIF to include as a animated GIF comment

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All page admins and post authors can hide comments on Facebook. So, every time you comment on someone else's post, there is a chance that your comment will be hidden. The only place (on Facebook) that is completely under your control is a page that you admin and your private timeline You might see GIFs every time you visit Facebook: they can be found in posts, comments, events, group messages.GIFs can serve any purpose, from a congratulatory message to a friend to a sarcastic comment under a text post. You can take a picture or video on your phone, but you can't record a GIF without some extra software, and while it's easy to find pictures and videos with a quick Google. Facebook, for example, doesn't let you upload HEIC files, and Apple automatically converts Live Photos to still images when you try to post them on social media. The best way to get a live photo on Facebook is by converting it to a video before posting - I'll show you how to do it online

Sharing photos on Facebook is one of the core purposes of Facebook, and that's even where the company's name comes from. However, posting photos -- especially when they include other people or don't belong to you -- comes with certain responsibilities ethically, legally and as a user who has signed Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities With Facebook app: create a new post and tap on photo then select your 360 photo in equirectangular format. Before you post the photo, you should see your photo in 360 view. If you do not see the photo in 360 view, then you should fix the 360 metadata (see below). On iOS, posting a 360 photo on Facebook is easier

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Select the photo or video you would like to share. (To select multiple photos, hold down Command (Apple) or Control (PC) while selecting the photos you want to share.) Click Post. To add a photo or video as a reply: Find the post you want to reply to. Click 'Reply' at the bottom of the post. Click and choose a photo or video from your computer How to upload a Facebook photo with a frame. You can also add a comment. besides the cover and profile images, Social Media Image Maker also helps you resize photos for a standard post. Take a minute to read a book today. Remember to use our hashtag # HealthyHuron in your post or comment your picture below to have your entry count in the draw. Take a look at the post pinned to the top of our Facebook page to review our contest rules

Option 1 - Remove Tag from Post or Photo Full Desktop Version Site. Visit your personal Facebook page, then select the Activity Log. Find the post or photo in the log you wish to remove the tag from, then select the post or photo link. Select the three dots, then choose Remove Tag HOW TO POST AN AWESOME PICTURE EVERY TIME: 1. In a comment, put your cursor where you want the image to be. 2. Copy the URL of the picture you want to use. 3. Click the little blue window next to the link icon at the right edge of the row of icons above the comment box. 4 Trending picture dear; Hey! You look amazing dear; Wow! This is gracious; Be sure to always switch up your comments, so people don't see you posting the same ones for different people and different pictures. Commenting on Social Profile Pictures. Every once in a while, we all like to update our social profile pictures

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  1. dashboard and click on the three dots next to the item you would like to post for sale.Click Download Image. The main product image will open and can be saved for use in your Facebook post. If there is another product image you would like.
  2. Quickly upload photos to Facebook by pasting the image URL. Forget downloading and re-uploading images from the Web to Facebook. Your meme-posting and photo-sharing just got a whole lot easier
  3. Click or tap on the 3 dots, and you will find a dropdown menu. Click or tap on the option 'Edit Post.'. A dialog box will appear where you can edit the writeup of the post, add photos to it, etc. To change the shareability of the post, you need to go to the down-right corner of the dialog box
  4. Now, if you tag the business in the comments section when a friend asks for a recommendation, you have the option to also post gifs or photos. The cool thing is, that all these posts will be displayed in the Recommendations section of the business's Facebook Page as customer reviews
  5. Make photo collages for Facebook using Adobe Spark Post. Whether you have 100 Facebook friends or 10,000, a photo collage is an excellent addition to your wall and a fun way to update people in your life about what you've been up to lately. Our templates vary a lot in the number of pictures they can fit and each picture space's size and shape

How to upload a PDF to a Facebook Group. 1. Open a group page on Facebook in your preferred web browser. 2. At the top of the group page, there's a box where you can write a post. Either drag and. Specifying a target_id allows you to post the photo to an object that's not the user in the access token. It only works when posting directly to the /photos endpoint. Instead of using this parameter you should be using the edge on an object directly, like /page/photos

Comment for girl pic: are you looking for some good comments for girls to impress them through your comment then you land in the right blog post. here I am going to share with you a good amount of best comments for girl pic. After hard work, I am just making a beautiful list comment for beautiful girl. so look at this list and take perfect comment from the list which one is matched with your. How to Add Backgrounds to Facebook Post on Android. The steps for smartphone users will differ a little as they are touched-based devices. Step 1: Open the Facebook app and tap on the empty area.

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To use a custom GIF as a comment, select Attach a photo or video, find your GIF and select Open to attach it. You'll then see your GIF appear in the thread of comments on Facebook. How to Post a GIF on Instagram. Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn't make it easy to post GIFs. The network doesn't support the GIF format, and when you try to. Provide the specific date of the post. Provide the first 20 words of the post as the title. Count a URL or other link, a hashtag, or an emoji as one word each, and include them in the reference if they fall within the first 20 words. Do not italicize emojis. If a post includes images, videos, thumbnail links to outside sources, or content from.

Mo'Nique took to social media yet again to comment about Black women who decide not to look their best in public.. On Sunday, the 53-year-old comedian and actress posted a picture of a. To Tag A Business Page In A Photo. After you've added a photo to your post, you can tag a business directly in the photo. Step 1. Hover over the photo until Edit appears and click it. Step 2. Click the Tag photo button. Click anywhere on the image within your post, and type the person or business name. Then select the correct name. Did you know that Facebook users upload around 350 million photos every day? If you're one of those users and have posted many pictures over the years, it might be time to clean up your albums Since Facebook's launch, millions of users have been drawn to the site to give friends updates, share pictures and reconnect. As such, it has provided people with a platform to communicate information in a way that they may otherwise never have considered

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On your Twitter or Facebook account, It's more than likely you'll find an unflattering photo or post about a stranger. But what if this were to happen to you? Hundreds of people like, share. A Detroit woman said she was temporarily banished from Facebook for hate speech after participating in a time-honored tradition: commenting on a meme labeling the opposite sex as dumb If you want to post the same photo to your FB page, tick the Post to Facebook box. To post from your Facebook Page, follow the steps below: Start writing a new post on your Facebook Page Comment on a Facebook Company Page's Existing Post as Yourself from a Desktop Computer. 1. Click your company page's profile pic thumbnail and select your personal profile. 2. Scroll to a previous post and comment on it. You switch profiles and comment by clicking on the small profile pic with the down arrow and selecting another profile Step #1. Launch the Facebook app → Tap on Photo. Step #2. Facebook will ask your permission to access your Photos app if you are going to upload photos or videos for the first time. Step #3. Now, Facebook will have access to your Camera Roll. Select the video you want to upload and tap on Done from the top right corner

If you type or paste a URL in a Facebook status update or comment - on a personal profile, business page, event, or group - that URL will become a clickable link. Want to choose your anchor text and hide that URL? You can't hide a link to an external URL in a normal Facebook post or comment When you hide a comment on your post/update, it will still be visible to the person who posted it and all his/her friends. The commenter and his/her friends can continue the discussion also Facebook Comments Triggers 2.0 (or Comments Growth Tool 2.0) unlocks the power of the Flow Builder for campaigns starting with a comment to a post from your Facebook Business Page. Quite similar to the Comments Growth Tool , it fires when someone comments on a post, but allows you to add various blocks before a reply A Facebook Mention is when you write a post or comment and include a person or page's name within the text. The name becomes a blue link to that page or profile, and the respective party. What NOT To Post On Facebook: 13 Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Facebook Friends. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the company's unofficial mission is to make the world more open and connected.. But there are limits to how open you should be on Facebook and while you might enjoy sharing photos and status updates, there are.

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How to Use Your Avatar in Facebook Comments. You can also use your avatar as a sticker when commenting on Facebook posts. Below are the steps you need to follow for this. Go to the comment section of any post. Click on the smiley button from which you add stickers. Click on the avatar icon underneath Write a comment.... Select an avatar Related Post: How to Remove a Page from the Facebook Business Manager. Why Unhide a Post on Facebook. As a Facebook user, you get almost complete control over the content on your personal timeline. That means you can make posts public or private and hide or unhide content as necessary. For example, you might want to unhide a Facebook post in.


Unable to post pictures on Facebook on Windows 10 Original Title: Loading pics to Facebook. Since I got a new computer that has Windows 10 (using Microsoft Edge) I have been unable to post pics to Facebook! Had absolutely NO problems with Windows 7! This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to. When we post the link to the weekly ABC27 Backyard BBQ video on Facebook, simply post a picture of you grilling in the comments and we'll pick a random winner each week to win a $25 Karns Gift Certificate! Want a bonus entry? Post your picture on Instagram with the hashtag # KarnsFillTheGri ll and make sure you're following us @KarnsFoods The best way to avoid falling for a fake Facebook post is to search for corroborating information about the post's topic before you like, comment, or share. Facebook ad, a post to that effect.

Nailing the best time to post for your account takes a bit of research and testing. But the results are worth it. With organic reach in decline, you need to make the most of the available data, so every post is seen. Learning the best times to post on Facebook is one part of this. Understanding data from your own account is the other If someone were to post a picture of me and my kids on Facebook, it would be me they tagged. It is a small comfort, but ticking that box affords me a degree of extra control You can also add hashtags while writing the Facebook post, but a lot of hashtags don't look good in Facebook captions. So, it is a good practice to add more hashtags to the Instagram post. Another way to do this is by adding all of the Instagram hashtags as a comment on the Instagram post, which is a practice some marketers follow for. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday that the Biden administration is identifying problematic posts for Facebook to censor because they contain misinformation about COVID-19 Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for $1 billion back in the spring of 2012 when the photo-sharing social media app had only 30 million users. Today, there are 1 billion users on Instagram. Since Facebook's purchase of Instagram, however, the two platforms have rolled out ways to post to each program from just one of the channels

How to Disable Comments on a Post Step : 1. Since Facebook doesn't have a Disable Comments or Hide Comments button you need to improvise a bit. When you post anything on Facebook you can choose the people who can view or interact with that content. If strangers have access to your posts they can come, do plenty of damage, and. Take a photo of your orca creation and post it in the comments under our event post pinned to the top of our page or click the link below https:// www.facebook.com / 102446014877554/ posts/ 327017309087089

Open up Facebook and go to Notifications. Either on the very top or near the top you'll see: It's slightly confusing because it doesn't indicate that you're adding photos to the post you're composing on your computer, but that's what it means. Tap on the You can continue adding photos to your post notification and it goes. The people who know how to post PDF on Facebook can do this over and over because it is an easy process. Click on the file paper clip if you know how to post PDF on Facebook, choose your file, add. In this article, you'll discover how to use little-known features in Facebook that will drive more traffic to your site. #1: Hack Facebook Ads Manager to Use a Square Image in Your Facebook Page Link Post. Using a square image in your Facebook ad takes up more space in the news feed, making it easier to grab attention - Likes (1 point), comments (2 points), and shares (3 points) will only be counted when the occur on the ORIGINAL post (aka this post!) - One like will be counted per person. - One comment will be counted per person (although we encourage multiple comments to increase the photo's visibility). - Multiple shares will be counted for each person

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  1. Would you like to win supplies for your school? Alfa is donating supplies to one lucky school. To enter your school to win, please like our page, like this post & comment on the picture below with your school's name. Deadline to enter is Monday, August 2. Good luck! ️ ️ # AlfaCares # BackToSchool # AlfaCaresAboutS chools # Giveawa
  2. You sure can use the photo of your mom as your profile picture, and you won't lose a single Like or Comment. Here's all you need to do: 1 - Log into your Facebook account and load your Timeline page. 2 - Hover your mouse over your profile picture, then click Update Profile Picture
  3. Using our Facebook post generator, Make the post like you want then click on Save button to save your generated facebook post).After some time two more buttons will show up under the save button. (Picture uploading can take some time so be patient and wait for the share buttons to appear under save button for some time
  4. How to post a GIF as a comment on someone's else's status. 1. In the Write a comment field, click on the GIF button

One of the biggest frustrations we came across with Facebook, is when we post a link to an article that contains images, and Facebook refuses to show the image on top of the link. The strange thing is, sometimes deleting the URL and pasting it again will show images and other times, Facebook completely refuses to do it Unlike cover photos, profile pictures will not only appear on your Facebook timeline (a.k.a. profile page) but will also appear on each post that you share, every comment you leave, in Facebook search results, and on people's timeline where you post messages. In most cases it will be a small thumbnail, so you want to crop it right Once Facebook Flips the Switch, Here's How You Embed a Post: Embedding a Facebook post is just as simple as embedding a tweet, Vine, or Instagram post: Just copy a section of code and paste it into your HTML. Here's how you do it: 1) Find the Facebook post you'd like to embed. In the top right corner, click the grey arrow to pull down more options Facebook is giving users more control over their experience on the website with changes to post comments and news feed filters. The updates announced today will allow users to

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  1. For this type of violation to occur, the public must be able to identify you in the photo used. Because all the major social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and others collect data about their users all the time, a situation where your image or a video shows up can be somewhat confusing
  2. It's the 7 Days, 7 Photos challenge, and my God is it an insult to the very concept of internet challenges. If you've been wondering why people have been clogging your Facebook feed with.
  3. Follow the rules. Facebook and most other social media platforms have rules regarding contests and giveaways. At the most basic level, a Facebook post announcing a contest or giveaway based on comments should include the following information: The fact your business is sponsoring the contest/giveaway
  4. 12. Add Facebook stories to your page. The addition of the Facebook stories to the platform comes as no surprise. With the success of Instagram stories, it made sense for Facebook to incorporate it to the new Facebook format. On your Facebook page, you will find a new + button beside your Facebook profile picture
  5. It was awful waking up to it first thing, seeing the news on there, and seeing people bombard his Facebook and Twitter with comments, photos and messages. Do follow the family's lead Taking the.
  6. Fotor's Facebook post creator empowers you to make a post shareable on Facebook and attract more audience easily. With a large selection of Facebook post templates, along with the required Facebook post size, fonts, backgrounds, and stickers, customize a stunning Facebook post for all occasions has never been easier with Fotor's online Facebook post maker

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  1. 9. Facebook Photo Contest. As we mentioned earlier, photo contests are highly-engaging ways to promote your business. In this example, users have to post a picture of their picnic and tag a friend to enter. Using a contest builder like RafflePress is the easiest way to create a contest like this
  2. Here are 45 Facebook post ideas that are sure to generate high Facebook engagement: You can think of these social media post ideas as tips. These tips for Facebook post ideas will prompt your Facebook fans to fall over each other to like, share, and comment on your posts. 45 Facebook Post Ideas That Generate High Engagement. 1. Start with a Stor
  3. To do so, go to the page, click About on the left side, go to the More Info area, click Add Menu and select the PDF of your menu. You can also share a PDF file with the other people in a Facebook.
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Is it possible to be a passive user of Facebook? I want to read announcements relating to friends and colleagues, and maybe post comments, without building a profile with photos, a timeline and so on Posts from friends, family and Facebook groups were given new weight, over and above organic content from organizations and businesses. To get traction, brands would now need to earn a lot more high-value engagement (eg., comments, reactions, comment replies—and if a post was shared over Messenger to a friend, that counted too). 201

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What Insecure People Post on Facebook, Plus More Secret Meanings in Your Status sitting in your office or in your bedroom posting on Facebook and hoping to get Likes, comments and praise. Set up the comment-to-messenger growth tool inside of ManyChat and sync it with the post you created in Step 1. Part of this will include deciding on what message (s) people will receive when they comment on your post. If you want to promote your post as an ad, you can set that up inside the Ads Manager Highways England/Flickr Facebook has added a new picture polling feature that you can add to your posts, including wacky pictures or hilarious GIFs, so all your followers can join in on the fun. You put up a lovely photo of yourself on Facebook and they just have to say the meanest things. The good news is that you can delete any comment that appears on one of your posts, photos, or videos. Here's how. Go to the offending comment and hover your cursor over it. Next to the comment, you'll almost always see a little X This applies whether or not you post the photos to a publicy accessible area of Facebook or not.. By posting photos to any area of the Facebook site you are granting an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive global licence, including the right to sub-licence, use, copy, publicly perform, reformat, translate, distribute and the right to make derivative works of the photos to Facebook If you wish you can visit the post and manually select remove tag to remove the link to your Facebook account entirely from the post or, if the post is more than an annoyance and actually a violation of Facebook rules or illegal, you can click the report button