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The bottle says Descaler for Hot water. Pevents against stain, water colouring, corrosion and scale. Well we already have the water colouring. The bottle says it must be added before the sanitizer or the water may turn brown HOT TUB WATER IS BROWN Brown water is not the most appetizing hot tub water color. If your spa has suddenly turned brown, much like the color of tea, again you can usually find the problem to be high levels of minerals, namely iron oxide. This may occur within hours after shocking the spa or making big pH adjustments Metals such as iron can stain a filter with a light brown orange stain. You may find your filter looking gray, green, yellow or even purple at times. For spa filter stains that don't hose off easily, the best thing is to give the filter a good cleaning in a good spa filter cleaner Last weekend my daughter had a hottub party with 11 teenage girls. Two of the girls had self tanning lotion on. What a brown slimy mess that was. We rinsed the filter, put in a first filter and reset the filtration for more hours. I shocked the tub and by yesterday the water was perfect. The first filter was just slimy. That stuff if awful in a.

If the water chemical ratio is off in your hot tub you can encounter a brown scum on the sides and in the water. This occurs when the pH levels are too high, causing partials such as iron to react with the water. To correct the pH levels adding a product like pH decreaser or increaser as needed should bring the pH back to a normal range Scum lines are one of the more unpleasant and disgusting problems that occur in hot tubs. It can manifest itself as a greasy green build up along the liner or a gray, brownish layer of filth. No matter how it looks or where it came from, you just want it gone. Here's a guide to help you diagnose and get rid of hot tub scum While algae, mold, and mildew are very different organic substances—algae are plants, whereas mold and mildew are fungi—their presence in your hot tub is universally unwelcome. Algae in a hot tub can take many forms and can appear in various colors, from green to yellow to white to black How to Get Rid of Hot Tub Slime. 1. Clean. Start by cleaning all the elements of your spa piece by piece. Change the filter, clean the cover and the skimmer, and any parts of the hot tub that are not underwater. Make sure you use a strong sanitizer to eliminate any bacteria from being left behind. 2 Also as a filter becomes dirty contaminants will not be removed, leading to other problems (such as water chemistry issues) that will damage the pump and hot tub cover. Setting a schedule to keep your filter clean is the best way to avoid issues. Replacement filters may be necessary to restore the health of your spa. For a comprehensive guide.

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If your hot tub filter appears to be discolored, or you've owned your hot tub for more than a year without a filter change, you likely want to swap it out for a fresh filter How to clean hot tub filtersReplacement hot tub filters are expensive so extending the life of the ones you have is very worthwhile. Using this method I have.. High mineral count. Brown water can be a sign that your water is high in iron or manganese. This can cause colored water and scale buildup on your hot tub A step-by-step guide to cleaning your hot tub filters. If it's been more than 30 days since you cleaned your hot tub filters, or if you're experiencing a hot..

Nothing stops you from enjoying your hot tub faster than hot tub scum. Whether the gunk is coming through your lines, gathering to form a ring along the acrylic, or just seen floating on the surface of the water, hot tub scum is an unpleasant buildup problem that typically signals that your sanitation can't keep up with what's being introduced to the water. Whether you're preventing it. If your water suddenly changes from clear to murky in the same day and all of the faucets at your home have discolored water coming out of them, the problem is most likely due to a pressure change in your city's water lines. Typically these problems clear up within a couple of hours, but can take as long as several days to return to normal Turning on your hot tub jets and having debris spew out is never a good experience for a spa owner. Luckily, most times this is a fairly easy fix once you find the root of the problem. There are a few things that could be causing debris to come out of your hot tub jets. Debris Caused by Dirty Plumbing The most common is dirty plumbing. Scum and other organic build up, caused by body lotions. Incorrect calcium hardness levels - If the calcium levels are incorrect in your hot tub water this can cause foam to form. An incorrect calcium level can also be problematic in that it can cause damage to the internal parts of the hot tub, as well as causing staining and leaving deposits

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Mold or mildew on underside of spa cover (may not be visible in early stages) Solution: Test and adjust sanitizer level. Shock-treat water with OxySpa. Change water & use Spa System Flush prior to draining. Clean inside of spa cover & apply 303 Protectant. Use an Ozonator High pH, low sanitizer, or a build-up of scum and/or bacteria in the plumbing of your hot tub can all lead to cloudy or smelly hot tub water. To eliminate the issues, make sure to adhere to a regular schedule for changing the water and filters, and test and adjust the chemicals in your hot tub at least weekly Spray the surface of the filter with Happy Hot Tubs Instant Filter Cleaner thoroughly to impregnate the filter, wear protective clothing (Gloves and eye protection etc.) Allow the filter to stand for 10 to 15 minutes. The gentle use of a Soft Brush or Happy Hot Tubs Super Blaster can help lift contaminents My hot tub forms a stickey residue at water line. We've done all maintenance on system changing water and filter, it starts forming.We have aCyanna Valley model662 with ozonator and use Soft Soap cleanser system

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Foamy water in a hot tub can be caused by several different things, but the good news is that it's easy to fix. It's important to differentiate between bubbles from the jets, foamy water, and brown scummy foam How to prevent hot tub slime. Minimise the risk of hot tub slime by doing the following: Practice proper hot tub maintenance, and maintain correct water levels. Flush your pipes with Swirl Away before draining your hot tub at least every three months. Clean the filter regularly and replace filters every 12 months. Shower before using the hot tub

If there are slimy coating inside the hot tub spa, then most likely that your hot tub is under algae attack. Please note that algae may not appear green at all times. Sometimes it has black or mustard color. Algae starts to thrive in your hot tub if the water's pH level is imbalanced Regularly cleaning and sanitizing your hot tub helps to keep strange things from happening, like seeing white flakes in your hot tub water. White flakes are usually caused by calcium scale deposits. But they may also be a sign that your hot tub contains white water mold, which is an overgrowth of biofilm

If the flakes in your hot tub are from white water mold, you will need to do a full clean and water treatment of the spa to get it back to normal. This includes cleaning the hot tub cover, filters, skimmer and all other elements of your tub. Then you will need to shock the water to kill all bacteria that is remaining - Ask anyone using your hot tub to shower before using the hot tub. This will do quite a bit to wash away oils, deodorants and cosmetic buildup before getting in. Also, when laundering bathing suits take care not to use excess detergents. Using an extra rinse cycle is recommended when laundering bathing suits so as to minimize potential for foam Metals may also become more evident when the change in temperature shifts the water table itself. Most Hot Spring Spa owners have an ozone system in their hot tub, or an ACE Salt Water System which also produces its own ozone. Ozone is designed to rid your water of contaminants, oxidizing them as best it can Clean the water line with baking soda and a wet rag. Turn on all jets and air, then skim the foam off the surface. It will take a few days of doing it, but will reduce it. Use Spa Klear clearifier. It will help clump up the stuff and deposit it on your filiter. Clean your filiter a day or two later

In temporary situations like this we recommend not using hot water at all if possible, to keep the discolored water from being drawn into your water heater. What you can do about it: If discolored water is a continuing problem in your city, you might want to consider installing a filter like our ToxinShield How to treat black algae: With some effort, scrub the black spots off of your pool/spa shell. Then vacuum the waste from the pool. Shock treat the water. Treat your pool or spa with Pool Solutions Algae Prevent 60 - the strongest form of algaecide for the most stubborn form of algae. Scrub the problem areas again Filter Care. Dirty, clogged Hot Tub filters can make it difficult to maintain your Hot Tubs water and can put strain on your pumps or cause Open Flow Switch or FLO errors to occur on your Sundance Spa. here is a quick guide on how to maintain your Sundance Hot Tub Filters

A Scum Bug or Scum Ball should help as well - just keep these in the hot tub when you are not in it. Also, the best oil pads are the ones with a lot of surface area. The oil catches onto these and they are easy to rinse. Keep your hot tub filters clean by soaking them in Filter Cleaner when these problems arise Always keep your hot tub covered when not in use to keep debris out and to more efficiently maintain water temperature. Keep detergents and soaps out of your spa by showering with water only before getting into the hot tub. Drain and refill the hot tub as recommended in your owner's manual to keep your water fresh Filter numbers change based on manufacturer. So there may be three or more different filter numbers that match your filter. A hot tub manufacturer number (Ex Hot Springs, American Whirlpool, Master Spas, etc) and each filter manufacturer (Ex Pleatco, Baleen, Filbur, etc) will have its own number for that filter Hot Tub Running without Water.You did not say what spa you have, so it's hard to tell if any damage was done. Most spas have an over-temperature sensor that turns them off if the heater is on but the circulator pump is not running, but this relies on the spa being filled with water.This means no water flow no heat

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Your hot tub control panel can display several other codes. To learn more about them so you're better able to troubleshoot your hot tub, keep a list of them near your spa. 4. My Hot Tub Pump is Noisy. Someday, you may be nearby when your hot tub kicks on and notice one of two distinct sounds: a growling, grumbling noise, or a high-pitched squeal The good news is that this is a very common problem faced by most hot tub owners and can be easily fixed without replacing your hot tub. In general, many factors can affect the development of this oily film, but it usually forms due to the dirt, oil, makeup, sunscreen, hair products and detergent residue found on bathers when they enter the tub

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  1. g. Slightly turn the cap of the massage selector in an anti-clockwise direction. You should hear some hissing sound co
  2. When to add a sequestering agent: Use a sequestering agent if your hot tub water is brown, red, orange or green. It is also important to add a sequestering agent when adding water to your tub. The basic chemicals for hot tub maintenance include a pH increaser, pH decreased, and sodium dichlor chlorine granules
  3. Hot tub filters are an essential feature of a Lay-Z-Spa pump as they filter out dirt and grime, so your hot tub's water stays clean and healthy. They also prevent this debris from getting into the pump and heater which would otherwise have the potential to cause damage and reduce its lifespan
  4. Battling a scum ring around a hot tub is a common problem for many hot tub owners out there. However, it isn't necessarily a problem that you simply have to live with. In fact, there are many things you can do to clean and prevent the scum ring around a hot tub. Why does my hot tub have scum lin

Hi, my name is Marco. I am an ex-plumber, now retired. Even though I am no longer offering my services, my friends and family have been asking me for plumbing advice. Hence, I decided to start this blog to help them and address some common plumbing issues. Feel free to browse around. I do not sell anything here To clear the brown stains in your pool, make sure your pH is not more than 7.2 and FC is low at 0ppm to avoid more brown staining, put your pool filter on circulation and add 1 pound ascorbic acid for every 10,000 gallons of water targeting most stains affected areas and the stains will disappear within 24 hours CLOUDY HOT TUB WATER. If spa water has a dull, cloudy or murky appearance, one or more factors may be involved. First, ensure the filter is correctly installed. Next, determine whether cleaning the hot tub filter is necessary, or if it is time for a replacement hot tub filter. In addition, consider increasing the length of scheduled filtration. Why is My Hot Tub Foamy. October 24, 2018 Jim Riggs. Remove your filters - they may need to be cleaned as well. Turn off your hot tub, disconnect all plugs, and turn off the breaker for safety. Drain your tub. You can use a sump pump or let it drain the old fashioned way A dirty or over-used filter could compromise other parts of the hot tub system. This is another reason why it is important to change it regularly, to avoid any potential costly damage to the inner mechanical parts of the hot tub. The Cover Guy offers various shapes and sizes of hot tub filters that fit most hot tub and spa models

Why does My Hot Tub Smell; How to Determine The Smell of Your Hot Tub; Common Causes of A Smelly Hot Tub; Replacing Filters. Along with draining the hot tub completely and maintaining the hot tub cover, it is important to keep a check on the functioning of the hot tub's filter. Make sure it is always in a proper position For hot tub owners, one of the things that can get them through a long and grueling day in or out of the office is the thought of a nice evening soak in their hot tub. But that plan can be ruined if the tub, or spa, isn't working correctly.Common issues that can occur after just a few years into your spa ownership include the heating element not working, the GFCI tripping, or even worse. Read our Ultimate Guide To Hot Tub Water Care. 5. Dirty/worn out filter. The filter's job is to keep the water in your hot tub clean. It can't do that if it's dirty. Make sure to clean your filter regularly. At some point, cleaning the filter won't be enough to keep it functioning effectively and it will need replacing. Cleaning the scum line Editor's summary: Readers are welcome to read this entire long thread if they have the time. But dozens of users found themselves able to easily get from brown rusty water to a sparkling clear pool with simple home built filters ranging from a couple of white socks to a pair of 5-gallon buckets with a small sump pump in one and the stuffing from a couple of old pillows in the other

After completing the purge, you'll empty your spa water and complete a refill. The Filter Your hot tub filter serves to catch all the nasty debris and contaminants that get into your system. If you have a stench problem, that's a good place to check. A filter is a prime location for bacteria and mold to build up and cause a bad smell A few years ago I invested in a hot tub for my back garden. However, recently, I discovered a problem. When I went out to use it one morning, I found that the pump wouldn't stop running. I was confused about why this was happening and wondered whether there was something I should do to rectify the issue. So, my. 3.Spilling drinks or food in your hot tub. While this is always accidental, different food and beverages can cause unfortunate foaming, not to mention other potential problems. If you are going to have food/drink in your hot tub, it's a good idea to use lids and to always use plastic drink ware

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The filter in a hot tub is often overlooked. Your hot tub filter requires regular cleaning, a blocked filters mean that they aren't doing their job properly, so make sure filters are rinsed regularly and treating with a filter cleaner periodically to remove oils and greases. New filters need fitting every 6 - 12 months 6. Turn the hot tub back on (without the filter to test the hot tub is functioning) - Press Temp and Key in your desired temperature - Press Temp and Press Heat 7. Place on your top cover. Once completed - Leave the hot tub running for a couple of hours, the water temperature should start to rise A sediment filter can be used as a sole filter or installed at the beginning of a whole-house water filter system. This type of filter is best for dirty, discolored water with a sediment problem, and usually has pores of 1 to 5 microns in size, which are designed to remove dissolved solids like dirt, sand, dust and rust

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The chemicals in your hot tub will remove the tan from your skin and turn your hot tub shell, pipework, and internal systems brown or green. How to clear green water in a hot tub? If your water has been green for less than 24 hours then you may be able to bring it back around again NOTE: If hot tub cover is in bad condition or waterlogged, it should be replaced. Waterlogged covers harbor mold, mildew, and bacteria, and may continuously inoculate the spa water with microbes. If you need a new hot tub cover, consult the Spa Cover Replacement Guide. Spa Filters. Remove and inspect your filter cartridge(s) If you recently refilled your hot tub and the water has a light green tint, simply remove it with these steps: Test Total Alkalinity, pH and Calcium Hardness and adjust to normal levels. Add CuLator SpaPak to filter/skimmer area. This will be the preventative step to removing clear green water in your hot tub Hot tub & spa or whirlpool bath troubleshooting & repair: This article describes the diagnosis & repair of common hot tub or spa problems at the blower unit, the spa or hot tub filter, including filter leaks, spa or hot tub heater repairs, hot tub or spa jet repairs, hot tub and spa motor or wet end troubleshooting & repair or replacement, and fixing other leaks at a hot tub or spa Caring for Your Hot Tub Allowing friends and family into your hot tub carries a certain amount of responsibility with it to avoid unpleasant skin rashes and other unpleasant outcomes related to poorly maintained hot tub water. Basically you need to make sure there is enough (but not too much) sanitizer, the pH is within Continue Readin

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The majority of hot tub/spa dealerships will say bromine is the best chemical to sanitise your hot tub or spa and list at least four good reasons. Should I use a hot tub if trying for a baby? Male fertility is adversely affected by using a hot tub with high water temperatures, and they are not recommended if trying for a baby A buildup of foam on the surface of the hot tub water is usually due to a reaction between the alkalinity of the water and any oils brought into the tub. These oils can be brought into the water from a variety of things: If you find foam on the surface of your hot tub the first technique you should try is using an all-natural enzyme solution The problem could be due to a dirty spa filter. Remove the spa cartridge, clean the filters, and check the flow rate or pressure. Other causes could be a broken valve, clogged spa jets or pipes, or a broken pump impeller. You will notice this from an obvious reduced flow into your spa or hot tub

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If you have a hot tub, you are probably used to routine maintenance. However, many spa owners, especially new purchasers, do not fully understand the important role of the spa filter. Every hot tub, regardless of manufacturer, will have a filter - but the size of the filter will depend on the size of the spa. Regardless, they all need regular. We too, have an above the ground, 15 ft round pool. We also have well water. Last year we filled it, I put in some Shock treatment and it turned greenish brown. I put in some stuff from my aunt that was meant for a hot tub, but it was a ph balancer and I also kept changing the filter... after a few days, it got better Auto dishwasher soap works great too. Run the tub for 5 minutes with the auto dishwasher soap and then do another rinse tub. Not to gross you out too much, but the brown is actually dead skin! It accumulates when the tub is used and when it doesn't get used for awhile, it flakes off and comes out the next time it is used Copper and iron can also be due to the corrosion of the pool's or hot tub's metal components (moreso the case with older models - now pool and hot tub water has very little contact with metal parts). If the sanitizer is too high, or if the pH is too low , the water going through your pipes will be harsher, which leads to more probable corrosion

Why Keep Your Hot Tub Filter Clean? The hot tub filter is supposed to keep your tub water clean but unfortunately it is not self-cleaning. Remember that your tub cleaner will come into contact with bacteria, dirt, debris and other contaminants. All of this means that the filter itself will probably need to be cleaned from time to time 1. Check to make sure the filter is clean. 2. Check the diverter valve is in the right posistion for the jets you are using. 3. check the air valve controls, on some spas this is the collar of the jet itself. 4. check the air valve hoses and check valves, spiders can lay eggs or spin webs that clog them. 5. if it's none of the above, take apart. Filtration - Filters help to cleanse your hot tub of body oils, lotions, hair sprays etc. Hot tub filters require cleaning which can be a hassle. However, a quality hot tub will have a filtration system that filters both the top of the water and the bottom of the hot tub The inlet valve that sucks the water from the hot tub to the filter and heater might be blocked. Unscrew it and inspect it for leaves, dirt, grime and hair, this is a very easy solution. Another problem might be the exit valve, this is where the warm and filtered water comes into the hot tub

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Hot tub pump doesn't work? Before going any further check the pump is plugged into your control box which is situated behind the access panel on your hot tubs cabinet. Make sure the water level is at correct height and there is no obstruction in the filter canister, or dirty filters Place your hot tub cover back and allow the heater to run for 24 hours. SNA / SNB: Sensors A and or B might be going bad or sensor circuit has problems. You may need to get a new sensor. Call an expert if you're uncomfortable or unsure. 4. Pump Is Making Loud Noises Hot Tub foam is caused by the water being full or old and turning the jets of your hot tub on when the water is like this will cause foam to appear on the waters surface. What Causes Foamy Hot Tub Water. There are several products that, if added to the water, can cause foam. Things such as drinks, soap, laundry detergent, deodorant, makeup.

Why Is My Well Water a Cloudy Brown-Yellow Color After Heavy Rain? Any change in your well water's color (brown, brownish-yellow, or cloudy) or taste is cause for concern, but in this article we're going to focus on what to do if you water gets discolored after a heavy rain I have rusty water coming ONLY from my BRAND NEW hot water tank. This is the 3rd brand new tank in 6 wks. The water is iron filtered. I have plastic lines. Hot lines were flushed w the same water that enters hot water tank. The situation is driving me to distractio Why does my water look brown? Brown water can be caused by the corrosion of water pipes as materials flake away and find their way into water supplies, making the water an orange-brown colour (iron pipes) or even black (lead pipes). Certain elements from sulphur dioxide can cause water to turn brown when combined with hot water When we enter the hot tub, the oils our bodies naturally produce will enter the water, along with any chemicals we have on, such as shampoo, sun cream or body oils. If people don't shower before entering the hot tub, this can cause a lot of human debris to enter the water, putting more strain on your chemicals and filter

Reddish brown stains on plumbing fixtures such as your sink, tub and toilet are aindication that you may have a problem with iron water. Iron water not only stains your wash basins and toilet, but its ugly red stains can also ruin your clothing and linens, or anything else that runs through your washing machine Hot Tub Plumbing Parts. Hot tub plumbing is made up of hose or pipe that connects the pump to the spa jets along with PVC fittings. To create even pressure at a group of jets, water manifolds are used that take the main input from the pump and divide the water stream evenly to various jets and jet groups Hot Tub Buying Guide How to stop hot tub overheating. You enjoy using your hot tub and love that it is hot, but sometimes it overheats. Most hot tubs are set with an override and will shut off when the temperature reaches a pre-determined high often indicated with an OH Another thing you can try to troubleshoot to find out why your hot tub has a low water flow is to check your hot tub pressure switches. If you see that your pressure switch could use replacing, there are many fine options available to you. One such option that is a quality pressure switch at an affordable price is the Balboa 30408 pressure switch

I woke up the other morning and my hot tub was empty. I tried to figure out what was up and this is what I have come up with. When I turn the pump on I am only getting about half the pressure that I should have. On top of that my hot tub drains. I can fill the hot tub, turn on fill for the hot tub and it will maintain the water in the hot tub but won't flow over into the pool Future Way Hot Tub Filter Replacement for Pleatco PWW50P3 (Coarse Thread),Filbur FC-0359, Unicel 6CH-940, Waterway Front Access Skimmer, 817-0050 25252 Hot Sping Filter 45 sq.ft, 2 Packs. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 65. $43.99. $43 Preparing to Shock a Spa or Hot Tub. The most important thing to do in preparation for shocking the spa water is to first test and adjust the pH level to the range of 7.2-7.6. Oxidizers work best in a low pH environment, and the efficacy of your spa shock is twice as great at a pH of 7.5 than it is at a pH of 8.0 Simply soak your filters in a 50% water and 50% vinegar solution for two hours. Keep in mind you may need to use an actual hot tub filter cleaner if it's really grimy, or replace the filter if it's beyond cleaning. Heinz Cleaning Vinegar. All-natural and diluted to a cleaning strength of 6% acidity. Buy Now Hot tub folliculitis is a skin infection that occurs as a result of bacteria in hot tubs, baths, and pools. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and how to prevent it here

Our soft hot tubs can sit comfortably outdoors in most weather conditions. However, to ensure your liner has a longer life span, we recommend moving your hot tub indoors when temperatures drop lower than 0°c. Our portable hot tubs are incredibly easy to set up, inflating in just 5 minutes 3. Use Your Filter System and Bottom Drain (s) Your pool's main skimmer is located at the top of your pool and helps to clear the top, which does not help to collect the cloudy particles that are at the bottom of the pool. Knowing this, we need to help the filter get to those particles 6. Use a turkey baster. Another weird tool to clean out the hot tub, I know, but it's easy to use and almost everyone has one laying around. Simply squeeze the bulb while the opening of the baster is near the sediment on the bottom of the pool and watch it suck up everything around it! 7. Use a grit gritter

Clean My Hot Tub takes all the hassle out of running a hot tub, ensuring your hot tub is safe to use all year round. Thorough hot tub cleaning and maintenance services to spa owners throughout Yorkshire. All makes and models serviced and restored to a factory finish. Set prices with no call out charges or unexpected costs Your hot tub filter is an important part of the system, if not cleaned regularly dust and dirt particles will build up regularly and your filter will not perform to its optimum level and can often cause flow errors. We recommend following a weekly cleaning schedule to ensure that you filter is well maintained Having refilled your hot tub, it may seem that the jets have stopped working. The reason might be due to air trapped inside the plumbing. To prevent trapped air problems, place a garden hose in the filter compartment rather than in the hot tub shell. Noises after turning on the hot tub Clearing the Water. Running the cold water in your house for 20 minutes or more will clear out rust if the source is your pipes or well. If a nearby hydrant is being flushed, you may observe that your water is brown or reddish in color. This is because hydrant flushing can disturb iron sediments in the local water pipes 1 What could be the cause of the green water in my hot tub. 1.1 Oxidation of Copper and other metals in your hot tub. 1.2 Insufficient sanitiser. 1.2.1 Common causes of Algae growth in a hot tub. 1.3 Pollen in the water. 2 How to remedy green water in your hot tub. 2.1 Option 1 - Treat the existing water

If the GFCI has been tripped by a power surge or brownout, just pressing the RESET button, if there is one, will turn the circuit, and your hot tub, back on. For more information or to schedule a service call to resolve your hot tub problems, contact us at 201-897-7900 or 732-894-4494 A: Your Softub ® can be plugged into any standard 115V, 15-amp outlet. We recommend it to be on a dedicated breaker of at least 15 amps minimum, and we prohibit the use of extension cords. In light of the design of the HydroMate ® system, the Softub ® is the most energy-efficient hot tub available, gallon for gallon. The sealed, high-density insulated cover keeps the heat from escaping when. 3. The CleverLink® App will then securely send the network details to the Hot Tub to enable it to connect. 4. The Hot Tub will then link to the network and be ready to receive commands. 5. Commands can now be sent from the App to the Hot Tub, provided both have an active internet connection. Quick SetUp Tips. Poor Signal / Range Extenders Guide