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The only complete bolt on Big Bore 750cc cylinder and piston kit ever made for the XS650 Yamaha. Modified limited production European Race Engine Cylinder Block has enlarged fins for improved cooling. The New Cylinder Block has longer fins matching the Head Fin Length. Kit Fits: 1974-84 447 Type Engines Kit Includes Pro-1 Racing Engine Builder Series. This is a Machine Shop service on your engine. Want to note parts are not included. We will contact you on needed parts for you engine build. Have a engine built to your desired specs. Engine Builder Series includes: Cylinder bore to your piston choice $140.00. CNC Performance Valve Job $160.00

Thank you for visiting Hoos Racing. l sell only the best quality parts for your xs650 and tt500 Yamaha's for race or street. For machine shop service , I use R&D Motorcycle Service. Contact Roger for your machine shop work. head, cylinders , cases repair or what ever your need is The ultimate complete bolt on Big Bore 750cc Cylinder and piston kit made for the XS650 Yamaha. Kit Fits: 1974-84 447 Type Engines. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH EUROPEAN 533 OR EARLY MODEL 256 ENGINES. Modified limited production European Race Engine Cylinder Block has enlarged fins for improved cooling Have this lying around. Hard to find. Includes a section on the XS650/750. If you want it make me an offer

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Hoos Racing Specialties. Shell#1 camshaft, best all around cam for track or street. This is an exchange item. As with all performance parts it is always good to check clearances. $125.00 plus your old cam. Core charge if you don'thave a cam is $50.00. In Stock!!!! Part# RB#2 Damaged Shell #1 cams We sell complete rebuilt Yamaha XS650 engines, from 653 to 880 cc and from 1500 to 3500 euro (depending on new parts used). All engines are (as) new from the inside and the outside. Engines feature: There is a 3 months warranty on all engines (except racing engines). Engines come without carburetors / ignition / alternator

The Only complete bolt-on Big Bore 750cc Cylinder and piston kit ever made for the XS650 Yamaha. Modified limited production European Race Engine Cylinder Block has enlarged fins for improved cooling. The New Cylinder Block has longer fins matching the Head Fin Length. Kit Fits: 1974-84 447 Type Engines. Kit Includes: 1 The biggest problem with running this engine is the lack of aftermarket parts. With the XS650 not being built since 1984 hi-performance parts are hard to find. Even some stock parts are getting hard to find

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The XS650's engine was used in AMA Professional Dirt Track Racing by national champion Kenny Roberts. In 1969 only the Laverda 750S, and the Honda CB350, also launched that year, matched the XS 650's modernity of unit construction and SOHC valve operation. Model history. The 1970. Finally starting my turbocharged and fuel injected XS650 twin. Going over a few things I did since I last posted and starting the engine for a minute or so This is not necessarily the same as the first 3 places of the Engine Number. MODEL YEAR MODEL CODE ENGINE NUMBER. XS-B 75-76 533 447 -500101. I'm sure it's not complete. May include errors. If you have a machine with a model code not listed here let me know. by model code - page 01. model codes - page 02. Or here listed by. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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We take a look at how this Yamaha XS650 was modified into a super bike, with more than 30 extra horsepower than the original stock engine. Subscribe Kawasaki's purchase of 49.9% of Bimota made the resurrection of the Tesi hub-centre steering concept possible, and what better to power such a machine than Kawasaki's H2 supercharged engine.. The best advice you can receive from Michael is what engine components will work the best together. The engine is an air pump system and there must be a balance between all the bits you choose, from carb filters to the tip of the exhaust. You don't actually need a hi-vol oil pump. The stock pump works just fine, even for XS racing engines Yamaha XS650 road race tank This is a modified TZ250 road race fuel tank. It was widened and lengthened to suit the XS's larger size and the tunnel was completely reshaped to fit the XS650 backbone. It requires the use of the two mounting pucks and will mount to the stock front location The idea was dreamt up after the donor for the project, a 1980 Yamaha XS650 Special, was acquired from a friend. The XS had been sitting neglected but Hoshi-san saw potential in the bike thanks to a recently rebuilt engine. To ensure it had enough grunt for the race track Hoshi-san kicked things off with a few performance upgrades

Early Yamaha XS650 engines came with a one-piece clutch rod. If you don't have one, go get one. They are available from popular XS650 suppliers. They have smoother clutch action, less leaks which makes them $16 well spent! This one is a bit beat up, and is being used only as an example for this techTips. A new one is on the way The XS650, in America and Worldwide has developed a cult following for good reason. At the heart of the XS is a indestructible engine. The best parallel twin ever built.. Tough durability, classic look and abundance of cheap parts make the XS650 the perfect platform to build a KILLER Yamaha xs650 hardtail or café racer. Drool. Build. Ride Safe Yamaha SR - Aluminium Front Fender. $119.50. Yamaha XS650 - Oil Filter Cover. $42.00. Yamaha XS650 Aluminium Tank Sport. $499.00. Yamaha XS650 Aluminium Tank The Original. $565.00. Footpeg Rubbers - British Style Yamaha XS650 EBC Front Brake Pads (Fits 72-76 XS XS2 TX) $29.95. Yamaha XS650 Rear Drum Brake Shoes (Fits 72-83 Drum Wheels) $19.95. Rotor Puller Tool For XS650 PMA KITS (not for use on stock rotor) $19.95. Yuasa Sealed Maintenance free battery (Fits Yamaha XS650 75-83) YTX14AHL-BS Heiden Tuning is a motorcycle store specialised in the Yamaha XS650. We offer a wide range of XS1, XS2 and XS 650 new and used part and products

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Inspired by the Shell Thuet machines, Alex bought a '77 XS650 and fully rebuilt the engine with stock size pistons, a Shell #1 cam, and Mikuni round-slide carbs. The frame is a heavily-modified stock unit, de-raked to 25 degrees from 27.7 for quicker handling, and Alex also added gusseting at the neck for strength The XS650, the largest 4-stroke motorcycle ever made by Yamaha, was launched during the Tokyo Motor show in October 1969 and was commercialized in March 1970. Production ceased in the spring of 1980, bringing the total production to nearly 300.000 units. 2) Specification Engine 4-stroke, OHC, Parallel twin, displacement 653 ccm It's here that Indonesia's Studio Motor picks up the tale in 2020, building a true one-off custom creation that combines out of the box engineering with a heavy dose of those early days, to turn out one incredible race-inspired Yamaha XS650. We've known Donny Ariyanto and the team at Studio Motor for the best part of a decade and they. Kit Includes: 1) Our XS Performance Big Bore Race Cylinder Block with sleeves installed and finished to fit our 80mm. Forged Big Bore (750cc.) Pistons. Cylinder casting has larger cooling fins that extend out the same distance as the cylinder head fins for enhanced cooling. No modifications to engine cases needed. 2) Two (2) of our Forged 80mm.

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  1. One sport thet these engine work very well in is hillclimbing. Jeff Thomas with Thomas Racing Service has patented a fuel injection set up on these things and he runs them on nitro methane, these motors scream and compared to what most guys are running thier considerably light. I think there getting a little over 100 hp from them
  2. Ironically, today the Yamaha XS650 is one of the most popular bikes in the UK and Europe, examples in good condition fetch well over $2,000US. The engine features 3 caged roller bearings on the crankshaft, 4 on the single overhead cam, and needle bearings on the rocker arms. An electric starter and front disc brake were added in the 1972 XS2.
  3. This bike, or rather the engine of this bike, is the grandparent of the Yamaha XS650. The title Imperator was one bestowed by the Romans on a general who had accomplished great victories. The Horex OHC parallel-twin engine was indeed destined for great things but not on behalf of the Horex motorcycle company which was purchased by Daimler-Benz.

Kye and Rick built BMX Race tracks for over fifteen years mainly specializing in building indoor BMX tracks at venues such as the NEC Bath, and Bath and West showground. These days the services he can offer are: Yamaha XS650 engine rebuilds, rebores, crank and clutch rebuilds, rephased and 360 cranks. Wheel Building - all wheels - Trials. We are now able to offer this frame kit for use with the Yamaha XS650/750 vertical twin engine. Several have been shipped to customers. We are also in process of fitting a CB350/400 Honda 4-cylinder engine into the CMR Drixton for a customer's road and track motorcycle

FYI - This was a stock bottom end, with a 750 Big Bore kit. I've seen this problem on many stock engines, big bore kitted engines, and non-welded rephased cranks as well. If you are putting money into your engine, make sure the crank is done PROPERLY HALF MILE EXHAUST FOR YOUR XS650. 2-into-2 exiting low on the right side. Includes all brackets welded on for easy bolt-on installation. Pipes mount to stock pipe mount. Megaphones mount to modified right center stand mount boss. Center stand cannot be used. 1 3/4 diameter pipe increases flow up to 200% The 53-hp engine offered solid punch for the street, and Kenny Roberts's highly-modified XS650-powered flat trackers quickly made a name for the engine on dirt tracks across the country. Enter Pete Chase of Rhode Island's Café Cycles, who opened shop more than eleven years ago after spending a year in California, building off-road race. Pro Stock racers also like this combination for drag racing as do NASCAR engine builders. Small bore, large stroke engines, on the other hand, are better for low RPM torque, street performance, towing and pulling, but have limited RPM potential. Formula 1 engines have an extremely short stroke, only 1.566 inches

When the XS650 is rephased, not only does the vibration reduce by around 40%, but the engine gains rpm faster (revs quicker) as a direct result of the rephasing. In a standard XS650 engine, when one piston reaches TDC, so does the other; for a moment in time (a very short moment) the pistons are neither going up or down, and stop completely. The XS650 has an interesting though convoluted history, the famous twin cylinder 650cc engine started life as a design by Hosk Motorcycle's engineers, Hosk was bought out by Showa and in 1960 Showa was bought by Yamaha. The early design of an advanced OHC twin cylinder engine was found and Yamaha set about creating a production ready model. Apr 18, 2018 - 1981 Freshly rebuilt xs650 engine, bored out to 700. New Mikuni carbs In the course of my internet travels, I came across the above race bike and it immediately appealed to me. I had just found my solution to the shit FZ engine. The first XS650 engine I find on Craigslist, the guy doesn't like to return email or calls and apparently doesn't really want to sell his engine

Specifics. Make, Model & Year: 1979 Yamaha XS650 Time spent: 8 months Motorcycle cost: $350.00 Money spent: $6500.00 Engine: Xs650 Yamaha with 750 kit and Mega-Cycle cam, Bransden Boyer ignition. Intake: Xs650 Yamaha with 750 kit and Mega-Cycle cam, Bransden Boyer ignition. Exhaust: I hand made the exhaust and heat shield.Classic High Pipes! Transmission: Transmition is a stock XS650 and uses. The XS-650 is delivered in a tractable state of tune, and doesn't really need the five ratios. But the gearbox, the single overhead camshaft, and the overall construction of the engine beg the race tuner's hand. The machine is robust, laid out for rapid access to its internals, and ready to be stretched

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Aluminium Engine Kit XS650 75 75 Race Spec Silver. Aluminium Engine Kit XS850 Black. Aluminium Engine Kit XS850 Blue. Aluminium Engine Kit XS850 Gold. Honda TRX 300 FWR MBYZ16H Motorcycle battery 1994. Honda TRX 300 V MBYZ16H Motorcycle battery 1997. Honda TRX 300 W MBYZ16H Motorcycle battery 1998 Although these will fit any 1970-1983 XS650 engine with 1980-83 style rubber manifolds installed, we highly recommend our XS650 Billet Aluminum Intake Manifolds (TC Part #109-0003) to complete your installation of these carbs FULL ENGINE BUILDS Well folks, I've been avoiding advertising my engine building services for a few reasons, so here is the scoop! Yes, I will build your XS650 Engine. I have been building these engines for a while un-advertised, and mostly for fun. Hang with me for a moment, and you'll see what I require to build an engine for you Engine Dynamics Company will supply you with filters, adapters, cables, and fuel lines for $268.30. Be sure to specify whether you are running the Stage I or Stage II engine. CLUTCH: The XS650 has a richly deserved reputation for poor shifting. What is not generally known is that this common shifting difficulty is due to clutch drag May 5, 2021 - Explore Frank Falcon's board XS650 Ideas on Pinterest. See more ideas about xs650, cafe racer, bike

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Custom 1979 Yamaha XS 650 Bratstyle Tracker Cafe. Xs650 engine stand. Joe Wagner is a fabricator and painter who has a background in aviation fabrication, car restoration, and race car building. Lucky for us, he's always had a love of flat track racing, which led him to build one of the best XS650 str. Yamaha XS650 B Road Test. 3 out of 5 based on 6 user ratings. For such a large capacity machine, the XS is physically small. The lithe and compact bike feels, and indeed looks, as if it was created out of left over RD chassis and cycle parts with a big lump of a twin-cylinder four-stroke unit dropped in as an after thought Ignition Timing for Modified Engines An often neglected but important area when tuning an engine is the ignition system. No I don't mean harder plugs, competition coils, lumenition etc., that only affect the efficiency of the spark, but the actual ignition advance supplied by the distributor. Tuned and modified engines have differen Yamaha XS650 Engine/Transmission Oil and Filter Change. The following is an excerpt directly from the owner's manual. 1. Oil level measurement a. To check the level, warm the engine up for several minutes. Stop the engine. With the engine stopped, screw the dip stick completely out and then rest the stick in the hole. NOTE 25-5595/447-24500-02-00 Petcock Fuel Gas Tap Valve Right or Left Replacement for XS650 XS750 Special XS850 XS1100. $21.19

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My race engines used Castrol straight wt 30-HD because that is what the sponsorship provided . Again no complaints . Specifically for the XS the one , single , most intelligent modification you can do to the engine to improve longevity is the addition of a real oilfilter . There are many different approaches to this so there is some more. It feels like the Yamaha XS650 has been around forever, and that's not far from the truth: it was offered in various guises from 1968 until 1985. But the air-cooled, parallel-twin engine has an even longer history—it was based on a 500cc German Horex copied by the now-defunct Hosk Motorcycles. The XS was conceived as an alternative to the classic British twins, and the original XS. This Yamaha XS650 is a 'city scrambler' in the most literal sense. Its owner lives in Kansas City, and wanted a new ride for messing around in the West Bottoms—an industrial area teeming with abandoned dirt parking lots and back alleys. So he sourced a 1981-model, ex-flat track XS650, and shipped it off to Kevin McAllister in Austin, Texas BikeBandit.com offers a complete line of Yamaha XS650 parts, including frame parts, handlebars, fenders, exhaust kits, and seats. We also sell a great range of Yamaha XS650 riding gear. You can get a low-price guarantee on everything we have in our invent. Hit the Road in Styl As the second generation got older, they got into flat track racing, along with their pal Donny. Grandfather supported his sons' racing, says Andrew. He liked to watch the two boys and Donny Moreda ride. He took relatives and friends to see them ride. There was a flat track and TT circuit nearby, and amateurs could race every weekend

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Yamaha Xs650 Engine Numbers Yamaha Xs650 Engine Diagram Yamaha Xs650 Engine Oil Step-By-Step Yamaha XS650 Engine Overhaul 11 Essential things you should know about the Yamaha XS 650 This book provides a very detailed description of the function of the Yamaha XS 650 engine, which is based on more than 400 color photos 750 cc. race engines use the 34's, and claims that any gain in power achieved with the 36's would theoretically occur well past redline and would thus contribute nothing in actual use. At the same time, master tuner Bob Bertaut appears to favor the VM36 even on otherwise stock engines They were moped based and essentially held 125cc twin cylinder engines when used as a race chassis. The frames were used in a number of specials such as the Meurs Yam 125 and Motorpaleis Yam 125. They also built four frames to take the TD2-B engine for use in the Dutch Championship in the late sixties / early seventies Engine has less than 4000 miles since new. Frame paint looks great. Engine was removed from a yamaha xs650 in the early 1980s. Bike is equipped with a yamaha xs650 engine. Bike is well built and in very good condition 1111 Miles Chain Transmission Twin Four-stroke Engine Air Cooling System 5-speed Gearbox Frame pain

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Our high quality multi-needle bearing assembly is a superior replacement for the original. Note: Bearing Part #39-6505 (OEM Ref.#93341-23504) consists of - 1. the circular bearing race and 2. one thin matching washer. Parts books and manuals show this as 1 part only (not 2 pc) Daftar Harga xs650 Terbaru Juli 2021. Harga Plat Kopling Yamaha XS650. Rp325.000. Harga Kaos Pria AKTORGASPOL Yamaha XS650. Rp150.000. Harga K&N crankcase vent breather (YAMAHA SR400, TRIUMPH, XS650 dll) Rp100.000. Harga Busi Autolite Platinum Pro harley davidson , mobil, vespa, xs650, DLL. Rp100.000 1980 Yamaha XS650. 2016 Yamaha YZ450F Team Yamaha Blue / White, 2016 YAMAHA YZ450F DEMO SALE PRICE AFTER 300.00 MAIL IN REBATE - MULTI MOTO SHOOTOUT WINNER. Bike of choice for Justin Barcia and Weston Peick and top pick of the top moto magazines makes the YZ450F a double winner. And the YZ450F is even better in 2016 Hitting the open road on your Yamaha XS650 means freedom, exhilaration and an escape from the daily grind. But never leave your garage unprepared. Keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape by performing some basic maintenance - replace worn spark plugs and the clutch kit for a no-bog, instant response ride. Your Yamaha's engine loves fresh oil and. 4 Sale. 1976 Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker: The other classic flat tracker. The Harley-Davidson XR750 is the winningest flat track bike in history, but H-D wasn't the only machine in that scene. Racers used Indians, Brit bikes and even Japanese bikes. The Honda RS750 was by far the most successful Japanese flat tracker of all time.

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After all, the XS650 was a copy of the Triumph T120 Bonneville minus the leaks and the Lucas electrics and the bronze engine bushings etc. So, the plan was for Limey Bikes to build an XS650 and for Deathtrap to build a Triumph T120 (650cc) to prove which is the quicker machine in a 1/8th mile drag race The first model featured a 500-cc twin style engine. Ten years later, the Yamaha XS650 received an engine upgrade, and was given a new, 650-cc twin. When the bike was first released in 1969, it was one of the most advanced motorcycles on the market After all, the XS650 was a copy of the Triumph T120 Bonneville minus the leaks and the Lucas electrics and the bronze engine bushings etc. So, the plan is to build an XS650 and for Deathtrap to build a Triumph T120 (650cc) and prove which is the quicker machine in an 1/8 mile drag race Yamaha XS650 Race Bike. With TZ700 bodywork and a custom gas tank, this fascinating AHRMA racer checks plenty of boxes for Yamaha fans. Unfortunately, the owner passed away so his friend is selling the bike on his behalf. This features a stock XS650 frame and a strong 650cc motor in addition to the custom-fit bodywork and seat (with.

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The XS650 is a popular flat track racer because it has a stout, torquey engine and is inexpensive to modify. The fiberglass bodywork is available from Omar's Dirt Track racing. Contact Omar's at (952) 935-8833 for details The XS650 Garage Carburetor Guide Introduction This manual has been prepared by Grizld1 ( aka Dick Russell, Yamaha 650 Society WD or silicone will work here for lube but Race Tech makes a seal grease (for oil seals) into the engine sweeps past this hole, creating negative pressure in th

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Unfortunately, I don't have the authentic frame geometry. A friend of mine had the frame and going to do a project with it. It was a very light weight frame. I love the simplicity. Took some photos and modelled the basic tubes as closely as I could, but matched a 24° rake and used the XS650 engine as a placeholder If you have an interest in Vintage Sidecar Roadracing, this is the machine for you. I have for sale a Yamaha XS650 powered Vintage Roadracer Sidecar. The sidecar is powered by an XS650 engine and the frame is new. This is a one of a kind frame build. Built by a builder that raced these sidecars in the US and Europe Yard Built XS650 & XSR700: Fast Father & Faster Son by Greg Hageman Yamaha has great respect and admiration for custom motorcycle builder Greg Hageman. Based out of Bettendorf, Iowa, Hageman describes himself as just a guy working in my garage, but in reality, he has established himself as a premier builder with a true passion for. Featured Products. $359.96 USD. Front Wheel XS650 - 1.85x19 H (ID: 19-0500) Add To Cart. Parts N More provides a wide selection of parts for thousands of Japanese motorcycles including. Yamaha: XS1100 / XS850 / XS750 / XS400 / XJ650 / XJ750 / XJ1100 / XV Virago's / V Max / RZ / RD250 / RD350 / RD400 / SR / TT / XT500 models plus many others. Pandemonium. Pandemonium provides custom parts for custom bikes. Specializing in Yamaha XS650 Engine Building Services. All Custom Made Pandemonium Parts Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for Delivery. 419-576-6812 The SFC first generation engine was really the first race version of the original SF, but the SFC was a real production racing animal from the ground up. But inside the engine very different. There are very few parts that are interchangeable with the GT, S and SF road models. The early SFC's came standard with a special piston, giving a.