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Discover the beautiful capital city Colombo in your free time. The rising number of street dogs across Sri Lanka poses many risks and challenges, including poor treatment, terrible injuries, malnutrition, untreated diseases and the This volunteer program is especially suitable for: Age 17+. Singles Sri Lanka is considered to be a developing country, with a host of different ways to immerse oneself in a unique and authentic culture. Due to a troubled history, volunteering abroad in Sri Lanka allows volunteers the opportunity to join projects that offer much needed aid in a variety of different fields Our wildlife volunteer opportunities, such as Wolf Conservation in Portugal or Wild Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka are popular options for animal volunteering. You'll have the unique chance to support the protection of natural habitats, learn about wildlife conservation techniques and study and monitor animal behavior Volunteer Opportunities in Sri Lanka. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities in Sri Lanka even though it is one of the most underrated Asian travel destinations. This country is a beautiful island nation located off the southern coast of India, and its people are known to be warm and welcoming Volunteering at the Sea Animals Project in Sri Lanka Protect the rare pink dolphins, sea pigs and other animals Sea turtles, sharks, sea pigs, pink dolphins and many other impressive marine life live off the coast of Sri Lanka

Then come take this amazing volunteering opportunity to be part of our unique and amazing Wildlife Conservation in Sri Lanka! $1034/week. SHOW DETAILS. Wildlife Elephant Conservation. Be a volunteer and help to monitor/record the behavior of the elephants at the Wasaguwama National Park in Sri Lanka. $658/week Answer 1 of 3: Hello I need advice and suggestions on places to volunteer with animals in Sri Lanka! My main priority is elephants, however I am really interested in volunteering with animals such as tigers, lions etc, and i was wondering if anyone knows of any.. Join GoEco on the tropical coast of southern Sri Lanka to provide care for abandoned and stray puppies and dogs at a shelter! There is a requirement of a 2-week quarantine and 2 PCR tests for all new visitors to Sri Lanka. We have partnered with an excellent beach resort to accommodate volunteers in style Elephant Volunteering. One of the biggest highlights of Sri Lanka is its wildlife, especially its population of wild elephants. Unfortunately, elephant deaths from farmers killing elephants to protect their homes and farms (the Human Elephant Conflict) -- and likewise, human deaths from elephants entering populated areas that were once solely theirs to explore in search of food -- is an issue

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  1. Volunteer in Sri Lanka for FREE: Work in exchange for free room and board.Volunteer jobs in Sri Lanka can include backpacker hostel work, educational projects, animal care, spreading environmental awareness, teaching English, farm helping or volunteering with a benevolent cause
  2. Volunteer House. During your time with us on the programme, you will be staying on the project site that offers some of the best views we have ever seen. Based in the lush forests of Sri Lanka, you are surrounded by a ring of striking mountains where you will look out onto a large reservoir where elephants love to bath
  3. Travel to beautiful Sri Lanka to volunteer for sea turtle conservation! There is a requirement of a 2-week quarantine and 2 PCR tests for all new visitors to Sri Lanka. We have partnered with an excellent beach resort to accommodate volunteers in style. Following this 2-week period, we will transfer you to the volunteer villa and program
  4. g natural beauty and wonderful people. The country has made tremendous strides in terms of reducing poverty and promoting conservation in recent years. NGOs and volunteers play a big part in keeping this wave of development rolling. Volunteering in Sri Lanka is guaranteed to be an experience you won't.

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  1. Possibly one of the most affordable set of Sri Lanka volunteering programs around is offered by RCDP Volunteer Abroad.Established in 1998, this highly reputed company is based in Nepal, but runs successful programs all over the world. RCDP Volunteer Abroad is a non-political, non-profit, and non-religious organization which primarily focuses on poor children, orphans, and under-resourced.
  2. On our wildlife conservation program in Sri Lanka you will be able to relax in the comfort of your volunteer house outside the reserve after a day of volunteering work. Because we promote community living for a happy, healthy social life, we will house you with other volunteers on the same program so you will always have someone to talk to.
  3. 10 best volunteer opportunities in Sri Lanka. 1. GoEco: Sri Lanka Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation. Sri Lankan beaches are regarded as some of the best preserved in the world. Famous for their brilliant blue color and containing rare and endangered marine life, the most prized of all are the local turtle species
  4. Soulful Sri Lanka! Voted by Lonely Planet as the best country to travel to in 2019, Sri Lanka will take your breath away. Volunteering Journeys Sri Lanka Projects are located in the picturesque colonial town of Galle (Southern Sri Lanka) which is close to some of the most beautiful beaches such as Mirissa, Tangalle, Ahangama, Weligama, as well as National Parks which are home to wildlife like.

The recommended minimum age for project volunteering in Sri Lanka is 10 years old. One week on this elephant conservation project costs £945.00 per person which includes a day travelling to the project, 4 full days on the project and the weekend off. Volunteers under 18 have a reduction of £100.00 Fees. As with all GOAT Volunteer projects, there are 2 primary fees associated with volunteering: the application fee paid to GOAT and the project fee paid directly to the NGO after they accept your application. Prices for projects in Sri Lanka are in US dollars; please check the current exchange rate for costs in your local currency (www.xe.com)

Accommodation in volunteer houses and homestays. Program fees include airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 in-country support. Program fees from US$315 (approximately £238) for 1 week. A special Introduction Week is available. Between 10 and 40 volunteers start in Sri Lanka each month If you are an animal lover looking forward to volunteer with animals, then Volunteering Solutions can provide you with amazing opportunities in Sri Lanka. A tiny island nation of Southeast Asia, this country is a paradise for beach lovers The volunteer opportunities available in the area are as varied as the diversity of Sri Lanka's native plants and animals. If you are currently studying dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, teaching or beyond, and are looking for an internship or experience in the field that is unlike any other, Sri Lanka is for you Sri Lanka is a wildlife haven under increasing human impact and has a great need for volunteers to work on conservation initiatives, protecting wildlife and educating local communities. Pod Volunteer is an award-winning non-profit organisation helping people to volunteer in Sri Lanka for as little as 1 week or as long as 3 months Wildlife Conservation & Volunteering with Animals in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a naturally beautiful country with biodiversity and exotic animals but unfortunately wildlife in this country is under threat from habitat loss and poachers. There are lots of wildlife orphanages in Sri Lanka which care for abused, injured and rescued wildlife and.

A group goes to watering placewhere the animals are observed. The volunteers learn with what kind of photos and data the elephants are identified can and how an elephant ethogram is created. Read more: Volunteering in Sri Lanka. Read on: Internship in Sri Lanka. Stay abroad in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka - International Volunteering Sens Solidaires supports the Elephant Foundation's projects in Kegalle, which aims to protect Sri Lanka's wild and domestic elephants (created in 1999 with the help of WSPA, World Society for the Protection of Animals)

The Dog Care and Veterinary Assistance Program in Sri Lanka allows volunteers to care for stray puppies and dogs in an excellent shelter, under professional supervision. 5 animals that GoEco offers volunteering programs for 1. Sea Turtle Volunteer work in Sri Lanka is located in Kandy, Hanguranketha, Dambulla, Dambana, Ambalangoda and the Wasgamuwa area. With affordable Program Fees and top rated volunteer projects trusted by over 115,000 travelers, IVHQ is the best volunteer organization in Sri Lanka VOLUNTEER. Our volunteer programme offers a rare opportunity to work alongside our scientists, conservationists, educators, community partners and local villagers deep within the heart of beautiful Sri Lanka. We have been hosting volunteers since 2002. Revenues generated through fees paid by our volunteers are critical to supporting our. Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka . Known as the gentle giants of the world, volunteering abroad with animals can lead you to care for orphan elephants on the tropical island of Sri Lanka. Endangered across the world, imagine feeding, bathing and playing with elephants everyday

Want to find the best nonprofit organizations? Find nonprofit and charity organizations near you, who need volunteers in cause areas like advocacy, animals, health and medicine, children and youth, seniors, and more Nature Volunteers Association (NVA) is a non-profit NGO based in Aluthgama, Sri Lanka. In 2006 the organisation was founded and registered as Social Service in Sri Lanka - additionally to our environmental NGO Nature Conservation Society (NCS), which has been registered in 2005 already.. In our work we support especially those with less acceptance and chances like children and women from low. You can spend time volunteering with animals abroad in some incredible locations, including but not limited to volunteer roles in a game reserve or wildlife sanctuary. If you wish to take part in a volunteer project, we ask for a hard work ethic, enthusiasm and a willingness to muck in. Volunteer abroad with animals to help promote the quality. Our dedicated volunteers engage in a variety of initiatives which support the services Embark provides for street and community owned dogs in Sri Lanka which includes rescue and treatment, animal welfare advancement, education and awareness, advocacy, fundraising, project management as well as day to day operational duties This placement to volunteer with elephants is unique as most of the existing elephant volunteering projects in Sri Lanka are elephant riding places where paying tourists come to experience an elephant ride. This results in suffering for the elephants as they are made to undergo extensive training at a very young age before they accept people.

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Follow FDIP @twitter Volunteer in Sri Lanka Programs and Opportunities . Blessed with the coastal beauty of the Indian Ocean, boasting eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore and full with lots of gorgeous beaches with crystal clear water, Sri Lanka has it all for those who are eager to explore a new world of South Asia We highly encourage our volunteers to take advantage of the opportunity to tour some of Sri Lanka's breathtaking sites, from the temples and botanical gardens of Kandy, to the beaches of Unawatuna and wild animals of Yala National Park. Our staff is very knowledgable about all Sri Lanka has to offer, and will be happy to assist in any way. Sri Lanka is a wildlife haven under increasing human impact and has a great need for volunteers to work on conservation initiatives, protecting wildlife and educating local communities. Pod Volunteer is an award-winning non-profit organisation helping people to volunteer in Sri Lanka for as little as 1 week or as long as 3 months Volunteer in Sri Lanka with housing available up to 25 volunteers, A Broader View has hosted hundreds of university student groups, peace corp alternative teens and family volunteer programs in our Sri Lanka medical, education and social welfare projects. Groups of 5 or more interested in volunteering together can be customized

Volunteer Coordinator. Amir is of Indonesian descent, and was born and raised in Sri Lanka. He joined Projects Abroad in June 2016 and is passionate about the welfare of people. Amir is an aspiring chef and enjoys playing cricket and practicing Muay Thai in his spare time. Meet the team in Sri Lanka Overview. This project is situated on a beach in Ambalangoda, a small town in the South of Sri Lanka. This conservation project is one of only 9 wounded turtle conservations in the country. Our project is certified by the Sri Lankan government and offers volunteers the chance to help with this valued and endangered species Volunteer in the Environmental Conservation Project in Sri Lanka with Volunteering Solutions and get the opportunity to conduct a range of initiatives that, we believe, will have a lasting impact in addressing the key environmental issues that affect the natural ecosystems of the gorgeous island

Be a volunteer for the Elephant Conservation Program in Sri Lanka with Volunteering Solutions and live a life amidst nature's lap! Volunteers will get the rare opportunity to work alongside local conservationists, educators, community partners and local villagers deep in the heart of the Sri Lankan wilderness We do volunteer work in Sri Lanka in several towns in and around Colombo, and along the west coast. You'll immerse yourself in the Sri Lankan culture, living and working with the friendly local community. During your time abroad, you'll receive 24/7 support from Projects Abroad staff

4 Week Sri Lanka Wildlife & Conservation Experience. Starting in the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy, you will explore the lush green hills and learn about the local culture. For the last 3 weeks you have a choice between volunteering at the elephant or turtle program and enjoying a beach week or mind and body week Come and help on the most exciting sea turtle project in Sri Lanka that is the first of its kind! You will play a vital role in saving critically endangered sea turtles on a 100% ethical project, set up and run by The Mighty Roar. You, along with other volunteers are urgently needed to help with our worthwhile conservation efforts By volunteering in Sri Lanka in the Elephant Conservation project, you will be working alongside the Mahouts, or elephant caretakers to help care for elephants which have been victims of abuse. The project educates the volunteers on the plight of the animal and tries to bridge the barrier of human-animal communication

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Wildlife and Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka. Price: from $474 per week ($1,195 for 1 week; $1,895 for 4 weeks) Length: 1-4 weeks. Unfortunately, elephant rides have become a popular wildlife tourism activity in Sri Lanka. When you volunteer on this wildlife conservation project, you'll work to prevent such abuses. As a volunteer for. Volunteering in Sri Lanka is a great way to immerse into the local culture and help in improving life of the underprivileged as well as the wildlife animals. 4. Who can volunteer in Sri Lanka? All it takes to be a volunteer is dedication, enthusiasm, sincerity, and patience Volunteers on the Cultural Immersion project are based in Dambana. The IVHQ Sri Lanka volunteer program begins every Monday. Volunteers can choose to volunteer for periods ranging from 1 week to 12 weeks. The Wild Elephant Conservation project has a minimum duration of 2 weeks Sri Lanka is one of the very few Islands' in the world that are located right in world's equator. Therefore all four seasons are very much alike in our beautiful country Volunteering with my family in Sri Lanka. August 2018; My family and I chose to volunteer in Sri Lanka last August for 3 weeks. We wanted to introduce the children to volunteering so that we could all help give something back to a local community. Sue's stor

If it does, enroll in our elephant orphanage project in Pinnawala and have a life-changing volunteer experience. Located in 25 acre of land and next to the river, the orphanage is an ideal place for the elephants that are injured and sick to recover. The elephants in Sri Lanka are often domesticated to run errands that fetch money Wikramanayake has several publications to his credit, including Company Law in Sri Lanka Wild Flowers of Sri Lanka and is co-author of Philanthropy and Law in South Asia and Butterflies of Sri Lanka. He believes in making a positive difference in the lives of animals and the community and through the work of the Foundation he hopes to do just this Sri lanka has a tropical climate with distinctive wet and dry seasons. Temperatures vary and it can get much cooler in the mountains than it can on the beach. On average temperatures in Sri Lanka vary from 28- 32 degrees, but in the mountain regions this can go to as low as 16 degrees My experience at Elephant and Wildlife Conservation project in Sri Lanka was all I was looking for when I decided I wanted to volunteer in animal/wildlife organization. During my four weeks stay I felt like I was doing a good to the local people, a good to the magnificent animals elephants are and at the end, a good for the world Your assignment and goals of the project work. While volunteering in Sri Lanka, you support an animal clinic that looks after street dogs. The clinic was founded around 10 years ago, Since then about 50.000 castrations, 525.000 vaccinations and almost 80.000 treatments Have been carried out. The clinic is based on the European standard and is looked after by 40 qualified veterinarians and nurses

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Volunteer in the elephant conservation project in Sri Lanka and befriend elephants! This is the perfect project for animal lovers. Volunteers care for elephants throughout the project to care for not only the project's elephants, but also elephants throughout Sri Lanka When you join the elephant volunteer project in Sri Lanka, you will have an amazing time caring for these amazing animals. You will get to walk with them, provide daily care and management, work with local people to improve education about elephants and promoting the conservation efforts of the organization Provide lasting benefits to and change the lives of disadvantaged people and animals. Enjoy your adventure in total safety with secure facilities that have been extensively vetted. Join an incredibly affordable program trusted by over 22,000 since 2006. Right this moment, there are many people & animals in Sri Lanka who need your help You can undertake short-term volunteering at The Elephant Freedom Project in Sri Lanka, or work in an animal rescue center program in Ho Chi Minh City. Volunteering in Borneo gives you the opportunity to assist with the care of both Orangutans and Sun Bears, two beautiful species that live on the island Volunteering Solutions offers a wide range of wildlife conservation programs in countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Ecuador, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, etc. No matter whether you're keen to volunteer with elephants or spend time on the beaches protecting the Turtles - you're wildlife volunteering experience will turn out to be.

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Volunteer In Sri Lanka- Would you like to spend your time in Sri Lanka giving back to the underprivileged people & animals? Find here numerous safe, meaningful and life-changing volunteer deals and programs by the most prestigious providers of the world. Get more info to compare and save Volunteers are urgently required to help out at Animal SOS Sri Lanka, an animal sanctuary on the beautiful south coast of Sri Lanka. The sanctuary consists of a 4-acre plot with over 300 dogs and around 14 cats and you will be involved in puppy feeding, caring for dogs in the nursing area, socialising puppies, giving physiotherapy to disabled. Volunteers Today, as ever they are central to all activities of the Society, contributing to the success of our National Society and assisting millions of vulnerable people in times of greatest need. The Sri Lanka red Cross Society currently has some 100,000 members and volunteers throughout the Island including more than 6,500 active volunteers Volunteer and work in Sri Lanka - low cost travel abroad - Workaway! Here at Workaway you will find 206 hosts and organisations for volunteer work in Sri Lanka. Low cost travel without having to pay expensive agency fees. Information for workawayers

Volunteering with Sea Turtles in Sri Lanka works to increase the survival rate for these amazing creatures. This is a truly rewarding program and requires individuals who are enthusiastic and dedicated. Some of the tasks volunteers can expect include: cleaning & feeding the adult turtles, feeding and releasing hatchlings, harvesting sea. Volunteering in Sri Lanka - Saving Turtles They are such amazing animals and the work they do at at this project is fantastic. All the volunteers really care for each individual turtle and no one is afraid about getting dirty and being involved. I loved my trip, met some amazing people and got to experiences completely new things in my. Sri Lanka is home to the finest wild animals in South Asia and a wildlife hotspot with countless national parks and forest reserves. The small island of Sri Lanka has wonder of forest and wild animals such as birds, reptiles and home to large population of elephants,sloth bear and leopards

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Worldwide Experience is an independent travel operator offering the unique opportunity to take part in volunteer placements from two weeks to three months. Worldwide Experience offers conservation placements in seven countries: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Madagascar, Croatia and Sri Lanka. Anyone interested in working at one of the. Volunteering with children in Sri Lanka supports children in need with various social problems. The children's home ensures a better future for the underprivileged communities of Sri Lanka. By facilitating their rehabilitation into the community, our partner NGO and volunteers are working to break the cycle of poverty As a volunteer you work together with experienced scientists from Sri Lanka as well as volunteers from all over the world. In the course of direct and indirect field research you, as a volunteer, help to collect information about the endangered Asian elephant, other wild animals, and tropical ecosystems

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While only 25,000 square miles, those who volunteer in Sri Lanka will be able to enjoy beach-related activities, the rainforest, and animal sanctuaries both during and outside of their placements. The three most popular volunteer placement locations in Sri Lanka are Colombo, Galle, and Kandy. Sri Lanka's capital and largest city, Colombo, is. Volunteers' Responsibilities. As a volunteer in Sri Lanka in the orphanage program, you will help children build confidence, develop life skills and reinstate their hope in life. Depending on your individual interests and skills, and on the needs of the local staff, your daily activities involve, but are not limited to: Teaching basic English.

Volunteers are needed from 1 week to 1 year for animal, conservation, education and teaching, building and community volunteering projects in Belize, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ghana, Greece, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Thailand The cost of a two-week volunteer trip to Sri Lanka is about $2,400 CDN. This does not include airfare, however the entire cost of an international volunteer trip paid through Developing World Connections, including airfare, is 100% tax deductible in Canada. You can fundraise and DWC will issue charitable receipts to your donors

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E-volunteering with our Sri Lanka Conservation Team. Become a virtual wildlife volunteer, alongside our conservation team in Sri Lanka, to improve your knowledge about conservation challenges while you contribute to ongoing research and conservation efforts Volunteer in Sri Lanka with Volunteering Solutions on Top rated volunteer projects with 100% financial protection. Volunteer opportunities in Sri Lanka are located in Galle, Kalpitiya, Kegalle & Wasaguwama National Park including Teaching English, Childcare, Elephant Care, Sea Turtle Conservation, Teaching Monks and Women Empowermen

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Our Sri Lanka volunteer opportunities are based in and around the former capital Colombo, or in one of several smaller locations along the west coast. Below you find an overview of the main cities we work in. Colombo. Colombo is a bustling hub of tourism and commercial activities, and the biggest city in Sri Lanka When you volunteer in Sri Lanka you will work for 4 -5 hours every day. You'll get to spend your free time both in the morning and in the evenings for exploring the natural and cultural wonders of Sri Lanka. Our volunteer projects are located in the cities Galle, Kegalle and Pinnawala Amazing volunteer opportunities abroad with hundreds of meaningful programs. Volunteer and intern overseas. Albania is a country with many stray animals and this made volunteering at the rescue center in Tirana so much more meaningful and worthwhile. Read more. I would totally recommend volunteering abroad and Sri Lanka specifically to.