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Lithodora is evergreen groundcover that blooms bright blue, star-shaped flowers in early spring. Use as a border or spiller in a pot. Full to part sun, moderate water, deer resistant, attracts hummingbirds. Grows well in Auburn, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rocklin, Roseville and Sacramento Unfortunately, that entry has not been filled out yet. I'll add some information to it later today. According to other sources, however, Grace Ward should be hardy to zone 6, so you can plant it outside anytime now in your zone, Jelinda. It isn't called Lithodora anymore, by the way. Lithodora diffusa is now a synonym of Glandora diffusa Lithodora is a beautiful and easy-to-grow perennial plant. This low-growing flower is ideal for use in rock gardens, near pathways, and around the edges of flower borders.Producing a profusion of blue blooms in late spring to early summer, lithodora requires little maintenance to thrive Polemonium reptans is a woodland perennial plant native to eastern North America. Usually growing between 8 and 20 inches tall, it prefers partial shade and moist soil, and is often found alongside streambanks. Its common name, Jacob's ladder, comes from the appearance of its attractive pinnate leaves, which resemble the rungs of a ladder. It i

Lithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue'. Blue Lithospermum. USDA Zone: 5-9. Plant number: 1.325.100. Lithospermum is a choice groundcover or rock garden plant, making an unforgettable display when grown well. This selection forms a low, creeping mat of hairy grey-green leaves, studded with royal-blue star flowers from late spring through summer Lithodora is, in any case, easy to grow and flowers well. The evergreen mats of foliage spread slowly to make good ground cover on a rock garden or scree. Unlike many rock plants, lithodora needs a humus-rich soil, rather than a gritty one, so make a special planting pocket for them Lithodora diffusa (syn. Lithospermum diffusa), or purple gromwell, grows as a perennial ground cover in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 10, depending on the cultivar USDA Zone: 5-9. Plant number: 1.325.050. Lithospermum is a choice groundcover or rock garden plant, making an unforgettable display when grown well. Plants form a low, creeping mat of hairy grey-green leaves, studded with sapphire-blue star flowers from late spring through summer. Plants MUST have a well-drained, acidic soil in order to thrive » Annual Grass » Annual Herb » Edible » Native Prairie Grass » Perennial » Perennial Grass » Perennial Herb » Vegetable. How To Order » 275 Plug - Broker Only » 50 Plug Lithodora diffusa 'Gold 'N Sapphires' - PP # 28,629. Deep blue flowers make a beautiful contrast to the golden foliage. Intro Year: 2018 Height: 4 i

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See: Greenhouse Plants, Ornamental-Black Root Rot. Cause Cause Berkeleyomyces sp. (formerly Thielaviopsis basicola) is a widely distributed root pathogen reported from at least 30 plant families. Untreated or improperly treated field soil can be a source of T. basicola if used in potted-plant culture. Most soilless media are clean; however, T. basicola spores can be in commercial peat moss and. Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward' A vigorous groundcover featuring deep blue flowers on woody prostrate branches clad with dark green leaves. Plant in locations with well-drained soils in light to moderate shade. Pot Size: #1 Cont Glandora diffusa, the purple gromwell, syn. Lithodora diffusa, Lithospermum diffusa, is a species of flowering plant in the family Boraginaceae. It is a mat-forming perennial growing to 15 cm (6 in) tall by 60 cm (24 in) or more wide, with dark green, hairy evergreen leaves and masses of blue or white 5-lobed flowers. It is suitable for cultivation in a rock garden or alpine garden Grace Ward Lithodora is a good plant for areas that are visited by hungry deer. This is one of the last plants that deer will eat, since they seem to dislike its taste

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  1. Jacob's Ladder is a perennial herb that grows up to 5 inches (12 1/2 cm) tall. The flat leaves grow on their stems in ladder-like formation. One variety, Polemonium reptans, False Jacob's Ladder, found in eastern North America, blossoms in spring with blue flowers, then dies back. Another variety, Polemonium caeruleum, grows up to a.
  2. I just posted a photo of my 'Grandora' / 'lithodora' (Grace Ward'). The two plants have been transplanted for 2 months in same pot as a dracana; it's mid August, 2016, here in the Willamette Valley and I've seen very few blossoms
  3. Lithodora (Lithodora diffusa.) This is the lovely blue groundcover seen all over Ocean Shores. It prefers sandy soils and does not need a lot of water during the summer. It contrasts well with daffodils or red/orange poppies. Poppy (Papaver orientale.) - A great pollinator flower, that blooms in the late spring and early summer
  4. imal maintenance. Prevent the soil around its roots from drying out. Cut the faded flower stems to half their size to ensure a hearty plant that will bloom well the following year
  5. Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward' (Lithospermum diffusum)(Lithospermum prostratum) available at Bamboo Pipeline. Order Today! Browse other Perennials at bamboopipeline.com

Lithodora Diffusa 'Grace Ward' is a slow and moderate growing groundcover plant and perennial plant that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5A through 8A. It matures to an average height of 1 inch to 1 foot and an average width of 1 foot to 2 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors Lithodora diffusa. L. diffusa. Starry half-inch blue trumpets in summer. Mat-forming stems are densely covered with narrow, fuzzy leaves that resemble rosemary. Edible Flowers . Ground Cover . Houseplant . Hummingbirds . Interesting Foliage . Medicinal . Minnesota Native Lithodora diffusa - Lithodora Lobelia cardinalis - Cardinal Flower Lupinus - Lupine Mentha - Mint Mimulus - Monkeyflower Miscanthus sinensis - Eulalia Grass Ficus carica - Edible Fig Fraxinus - Ash Ginkgo biloba - Maidenhair Tree Juglans - Walnut Juniperus - Junipe Botanical Name: Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward' The small green leaves of this ground cover match really well with its purple-hued, trumpet-shaped flowers. It is a low-maintenance plant and does well in full sun. 22. Ornamental Alliu Scientific name: Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward' Synonym: Lithospermum prostratum 'Grace Ward' Family: BORAGINACEAE Common names: purple gromwell 'Grace Ward' Plant Type: Evergreen shrub Conditions: Zone: 6-9 Light: Full sun Exposure: Sheltered Soil: Average, acidic-neutral, prefers sandy loam, not clay Moisture: Moist well drained Aesthetic: Plant Size: H 3-6 W 24 Leaf and Stem shape.

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The sap can cause dermatitis in people, dogs, cats, horses, and other living things. It is unclear whether ingesting the sap would cause serious effects, but at a bare minimum, it would surely cause irritation of the mouth and throat. Although there is little information regarding the effects of Wandering Jew when ingested, it is worth noting. Welcome to the famous Dave's Garden website. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward' Q. Lithodora re-planted in the same site probably won't do well because fungal spores will remain in the soil unless the soil is replaced. However, treating the soil with fungicide and lowering the pH below 5.0 might help. edible plants (1) edith hope goddard iselin (1) Edith J Carrier Arboretum (1.

Pictures and description of Lithodora diffusa Heavenly Blue Plantentuin Esveld, kwekerij met passie, Boskoop - Holland Plantentuin Esveld Rijneveld 72 2771XS Boskoop Holland tel: (0031)(0)172 213289 fax: (0031)(0)172215714 email: info@esveld.n Lithodora/Lithodora diffusa: 6-12 tall and 2' wide, evergreen, small deep green leaves; rich indigo blue flowers in spring; Thyme/Thymus spp.: 3-6 tall and 6-1' wide; evergreen, wide variety of foliage color; tiny flowers through summer; culinary use

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  1. The name of the blazing blue plants trailing over a retaining wall as you drive into Oak Bluffs is Lithodora diffusa, in the family famous for blues
  2. Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Wand' Heavenly Blue Shrubs 24 36 Evergreen Sun- Pt. Shade Yes Vitis ssp. Edible Grape Vines 8' 8' 8' x 8' Decidous Sun Yes M PERENNIALS/BULBS Agapanthus spp. Lily of the Nile Perennials/Bulbs/Annuals 36' 36 Evergreen Sun M Yes Agastache foeniculum Anise Hyssop Perennials/Bulbs/Annuals 24 36 Decidous Sun ?.
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  1. Lithodora doesn't like to dry out, so be sure to give it supplemental water during periods of drought. Gold 'n Sapphires™ lithodora (Lithodora diffusa 'LITGS') LOVE IT: Gold 'n Sapphires™ lithodora (Lithodora diffusa 'LITGS') Zones: 5-8; Size: 8 to 12 inches tall and 24 to 36 inches wid
  2. Grace Ward Lithodora (Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward') - full sun to part shade, deer resistant, 12 tall and 4' wide, evergreen. Edible Ground Cover Plants. Planting edible ground cover is a great way to have fresh herbs and control the weeds in your garden. They are great for filling in borders and they add a nice scent to your yard
  3. Edible Fruits and Herbs Actinidia arguta 'Issai' #3 2 Actinidia kolomikta #3 2 Lonicera caerulea 'Aurora' #2 1 Malus domestica 'Vista Belle' #7 1 Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward' 10 cm Pot 44 Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward' #1 3 Nepeta racemosa 'Alba' 10 cm Pot 1

With its edible garlic-flavored purple flowers and grass-like, blue-grey foliage, this tough and low-maintenance ground cover is a good option for everyone! 18. Bugleweed Lithodora diffusa. Lithodora blooms in May and occasionally through August with tiny, bright blue flowers and small, hairy green leaves connected without stems. 26. Pig. PLANT AVAILABLITY updated June 15 As the season moves into summer we have a large selection of flowering perennials. Many are both pollinator attracting and deer resistant. Check our list below for plant suggestions that will add summer color to your perennial garden! Please note our inventory sells quickly. If the plant you're looking for...Continue Reading Plant Availability The Project is directed at enabling designers of 'carbon farms' and 'food forests': agroecosystems of perennial plants, to choose the most appropriate plants for their requirements and site conditions. We are working on a subset of plants in the PFAF database identified as having the most potential for inclusion in such designs Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward' Lobelia 'Sky Blue' Lupinous Malus 'Prairie Fire' Monarda didyma 'Raspberry Wine' Nepeta x. faassenii 'Kit Cat' Nicotiana 'Perfume Mix' Origanum rotundifolium 'Kent Beauty' Penstemon heterophyllus 'Electric Blue' Penstemon x. gloxinioides 'Midnight' Phlox paniculata Top Shelf™ 'Tequila Sunrise' Phlox subulata.

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  1. Mar 31, 2017 - Grace Ward Lithodora, Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward', is a wonderful ground cover adorned with beautiful, deep blue fowers that bloom from March to July. Grace Ward Lithodora is excellent as an edger and is perfect for a rock garden. Prefers full sun and not too much water. To keep foliage fresh, cut back after flower
  2. Full sun to part shade. Tolerates all soils and pH. Moderate to no water. Deadhead to promote repeat bloom. If plants become unsightly cut back to just above the bulb. If plants are damaged by frost they usually recover quickly. Edible leaves and flowers. Sprinkle flowers on soups. Resists deer, children, rabbits
  3. Exposure full sun - part shade. Growth Rate fast. Height 2-4. Spread 24-36. Zone 3-9. Water Use moderate. Foliage purple. Flower purple. Plants with Dark Foliage, Ground Covers, Drought Tolerant Plants, Evergreen Groundcovers, Plants that Attract Pollinators, Perennial, Rock Garden Plants, Plants Suitable for Containers, All Plants Categories

4. Purple Gromwell 'Heavenly Blue' ( Lithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue') A bushy plant with small elegant blue flowers it can grow in almost all types of well-drained soils. The small bluish-green hairy foliage also adds texture to the ground cover. Can be grown along with other small-flowered plants like buttercups and iceplants Edible plants: While many vegetables will not grow well in acid soil conditions, there are a number of berries that will grow very well in acid soils and which will be the perfect foundation for an edible garden in acid conditions. Lithodora diffusa. A number of ferns can also be grown in acid soil and will add a different kind of visual. Missouri Botanical Garden. 4344 Shaw Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63110 (314) 577-5100 hours and admission Butterfly House. Faust Park, 15193 Olive Blvd. Chesterfield, MO 6301 Vegetables and flowers planted together in gardens, growing intermingled, side by side, integrating veggies into the edible landscape garden. Kale, Swiss chard, tomatoes, corn, cabbages, turnips, beans, peppers, lettuce, etc with all sorts of flowering plants

Lithodora diffusa Grace Ward - Heavenly Blue - In Bud & Bloom - Garden Plants. This Lithodora is an evergreen carpeting perennial that produces bright royal blue, star shaped flowers over a long period. These pretty bloom smother the mats of evergreen foliage from late spring in to summer. With such a long flowering peri Lithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue' 10 alpines to grow - lithodora flowers. This mat-forming evergreen has bright blue flowers in spring and summer. Unlike most alpines, it prefers an acidic soil, so if you're growing it among other alpines in a trough, plant it in a pot filled with ericaceous compost, then sink it into the soil..

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Family. Boraginaceae. Botanical Name. LITHODORA diffusa 'Lithospermum Star'(STAR) PP10096. Plant Common Name. Star Gromwell. General Description. Introduced by Blakedown Nurseries LTD. of Worcester, England, Star™ was discovered as a mutant of the popular gromwell, 'Heavenly Blue. Lithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue' loves being in a sunny rockery or border. It has lovely star-shaped blue flowers from spring until summer, is low-growing with evergreen foliage, and will quickly cover a wide area. Make it edible Fragaria vesca, or wild strawberry, is a small woodland or alpine strawberry and it can be used effectively.

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Lithodora diffusa White Star Lithodora is a neat, compact flowering perennial that produces white and blue striped flowers from spring. It requires full sun and well drained soil, however it can handle shade and droughts. Mature height 15cm tall x 60cm wide. 6/14cm po Helianthemum 'Ben Nevis' 1 Gallon. 'Ben Nevis' Rock Rose is an often overlooked specimen when gardeners are looking for hardy ground covers. Mounding up to a foot tall, this evergreen ground cover can spread up to 18 inches wide, and will spill nicely over retaining walls. Drought tolerant once established, 'Ben Nevis' prefers well-draining. » Annual Grass » Annual Herb » Edible » Native Prairie Grass » Perennial » Perennial Grass » Perennial Herb » Vegetable. How To Order » 275 Plug - Broker Only » 50 Plug Lithodora diffusa 'Gold 'N Sapphires' Lobelia cardinalis 'Green Native' Native Prairie Plant. Lobelia fulgens 'Queen Victoria' Lobelia siphilitica 'Great Blue Since 2004, Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens has partnered with University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) to offer the University's Master Gardener Program on the Mendocino Coast. The purpose of the program is to develop a corps of local volunteers who can advise and support environmentally friendly, successful gardening by other members of.. The zigzag path connecting the back garden to the side garden is accented by large planters that flank the gate and help to define the space. The ground cover between the stepping stones includes Acorus gramineus 'Minimus Aureus', gold hostas, Fuschia 'Hawkshead', Carex oshimensis 'Evergold', Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward', Soleirolia soleirolii 'Aurea' (gold baby's tears), and a relocated.

Plant Profile for Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward' - Blue Lithospermum Perennial . Lithodora pairs well with heather - they both love the same conditions. 'Grace Ward's blue flower is a lovely compliment to brighten up your heather garden. Easy care, lovely colour. Our $4.99 perennials are $4.69 each when you buy 6 or more See how RHS can give expert advice on growing, feeding, pruning and propagating plants. Find specific plants with our Plant Finder & Plant Selector Get fresh recipes, wine pairings, weekend getaway ideas, regional gardening tips, home design inspiration, and more Bamboo Pipeline has the annuals and perennials you need for your landscape design project. Order online now or call 888 288 1619- delivery is often within 24 hours

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Check out these sun loving perennials that can soak up the sun while adding a splash of color to your garden or landscape Lithodora diffusa 'White Star' Notes: Native to dry foothills, canyons, and slopes along the Mediterranean Sea. Fruit is edible. Tolerates wind and salt spray. Compact varieties: 'Elfin King', 'Compacta', 'Oktoberfest' (deep pink flowers). Hardy to 10° F

Purslane and its close cousin portulaca will add tons of color with a minimum of care from you. The mat-like plants grow 4 to 8 inches tall so they are ideal for hanging baskets, window boxes, or as a colorful groundcover tucked amid stones in a garden pathway. The cheerful, chalice-like blooms close up at night, but pop back open as soon as. Lithodora diffusa is a popular groundcover on the coast, probably for its evergreen leaves and cheerful blue flowers. Frequently it displays blackened, defoliated branches due to some unknown fungus. The best cure is to cut it severely back, almost as if you are removing it. The established roots respond with new fresh growth and profuse. Lithodora diffusa Lithodora Bule, spr.-sum. 6-12 Often has a few flowers all summer Lysimachia numm ularia Creeping jenny, moneywort Yellow; sum. 2-4 Invasive; best in part shade; hangs nicely over walls Mahonia nervosa or repens Orgon grape Yellow ; spr. 24-36 Spiny leaves; blue berries; drought tolerant Pachysandra terminali Lithodora diffusa should be propagated by taking semi-ripe cuttings from July until September. Where to see and buy forget-me-nots. Beth Chatto Gardens Elmstead Market, Colchester, Essex CO7 7DB. Tel 01206 822007, bethchatto.co.uk. Bide-A-Wee Cottage Gardens Stanton, Netherwitton, Morpeth, Northumberland NE65 8PR April 2013; Shrubby Gromwell; Glandora prostrata miscalled: Lithodora diffusa March 2013; Youth-on-Age; Tolmiea Menziesii February 2013; edible Crocus; Crocus specie

Lithodora diffusa; A number of ferns can also be grown in acid soil and will add a different kind of visual interest to a garden. Ferns can be especially useful in areas of shady, damp acidic soil. Challenging areas of your garden can be an opportunity to try something a little bit different Tips to keep rabbits and deer from eating your plants. Deer, rabbits, squirrels, and most animals are discouraged by aromatic plants like strong herbs (basil, lavender, rosemary); plants with spines like Prickly Pear; plants with tough leaves (lamb's ear); or plants with milky sap, like Milkweed. Use these deterrent plants near your more.

Lithodora diffusa belladonna 'White Star' Lupinus trachelium 'Gallery Blue' lupine Myositis spp. forget-me-not Nepeta cataria catmint Paeonia x peony edible honeysuckle, honeyberry 13Lonicera caerulea var. kamtschatica 'Blue Velvet' blue honeysuckle, edible honeysuckle, bearberr Wiki: Lithodora diffusa, the purple gromwell, syn. Lithospermum diffusa, is a species of flowering plant in the family Boraginaceae. It is a mat-forming perennial growing to 15 cm (6 in) tall by 60 cm (24 in) or more wide, with dark green, hairy evergreen leaves and masses of blue or white 5-lobed flowers Cotoneaster dammeri (Bearberry Cotoneaster) is a vigorous, dense, evergreen shrub with trailing stems studded with small, leathery, glossy, rounded, dark green leaves. The foliage turns reddish-bronze or purplish in winter before becoming green again in spring. Small, 5-petaled, white flowers adorned with purple anthers are produced in late spring to early summer - Lithodora diffusa 'Blue Star Its young shoots are also edible and it's a pot herb with an interesting flavour, so I see it as a bonus leaf vegetable. lamium purpureum lamiaceae purple dead-nettle anemone nemorosa ranuncolaceae wood anemone windflower wildflowers plantblr horticulture botany gardeners on tumblr edible plants italy spring

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Lithodora's bright blue flowers contrast strikingly with its dark green foliage. Its color and low-growing habit make it one of the best blue flowering ground covers. Lithodora seldom gets more than 3 or 4 inches tall and can spread 2 to 3 feet in width Lithodora diffusa. -Stem Rot. Cause The fungus Phoma sp. has been found many times by the OSU Plant Clinic. Symptoms Stem rots, stem cankers, branch dieback and crown rot have been associated with this fungus. Cultural control Focus on sanitation measures. Avoid wounding plants. Dispose of diseased plants and plant material promptly Lithodora Flower (Lithodora Diffusa) Zones 5-9 | Full Sun to Part Shade. Lithodora is basically the blue version of candytuft. It's an evergreen mounding plant that looks good year-round and shines in spring and summer when it's covered in blue flowers. Once established, lithodoras will spread a couple feet wide and require little to no care The first plantings in the Edible Garden were made in March 2016. The Edible Garden is new to the Ornamental Border. Work preparing this garden started in 2015. It is located in an area that extends into the lawn at the edge of the Shade Garden. Lithodora diffusa (Lithodora

Tulbaghia violacea. Use: Massed, border, ground cover, container, median strips, meadows, slopes, rock gardens, erosion control, low maintenance, long lived. If plants become unsightly cut back to just above the bulb. If plants are damaged by frost they usually recover quickly. Edible leaves and flowers. Sprinkle flowers on soups The added bonus that Lithodora is evergreen means you get to enjoy the green [...] Apr 9, 2014 - One of my most popular blog posts has been the one I wrote a year ago on Lithodora. I titled it, Lithodora: Evergreen and Electric Blue Radiance because I was so impressed with the flowers being such an intense shade of blue

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Common Name: Lithodora 'Grace Ward'. Zone: 6-9. Height and Spread: 0.5ft by 4ft. Blossom and Time of Year: Dark Blue, Summer. Growing Habit: Mounded, spreading, likes well drained soil. Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade. Water: Medium. *Not all plants may be currently in stock due to demand or season. Please reference our FAQ section for. Lithodora diffusa Trillium. erica . Sun Artemisia nana Lampranthus, ice plant Teucrium chamaedrys, Wall Germander. lampranthus . Shade Hellebore Hosta Lamium maculatum, dead nettle. lamium . Coastal Armeria maritima, sea thrift Lampranthus, ice plant Sedum, stonecrop. armeria . Planting a Boundary Scheme - DI Details about 1+6 root plug edible Plants Gold Moss Sedum Succulents Organic make offer See original listing. Groundcover Lithodora diffusa HEAVENLY BLUE LIVE PLANT 4 INCH POT PERENNIAL. $19.95 + $4.95 shipping. Seller 97.9% positive Page1 First Edition, May 2017 U E Master Gardeners of El Dorado ounty Deer Resistant Plants UCCE Master Gardeners of the Sierra Foothills Fact: There are no deer resistant plants. ut there are plants that most deer wll not eat if there is an abundance of food

A fuzzy foliaged, creeping form of Lithodora. It is useful as a ground cover and for border plantings. It produces masses of deep blue (sometimes bi-color), star shaped flowers in early Spring: 6-8: Lithodora 'Grace Ward' Lithodora diffusa: 6-12 Lithodora is a fuzzy foliaged, evergreen mini-shrub that is useful as a ground cover and for border. Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward' may seem a rather common box store perennial, but its flowers are among the most intense deep blue. It is a wonderful groundcover or rock garden accent with sprawling to slightly mounded form Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward,' a prostrate creeping groundcover Lonicera periclymenum 'Serotina Florida' Honeysuckle Lotus berthelotii 'Red Flash' & L. maculata 'Gold Flash,' lotus vine Lithodora Lithodora diffusa An evergreen subshrub forming an attractive, low creeping mat reaching up to 1 x 3 feet or rarely up to 6 feet in width. It is native to sand dunes, heather and open pine woods in southwestern Europe ( western France; south to Portugal & Spain ). The narrow-elliptical leaves, up to 1.5 inches in length, are deep gray.

Lithodora diffusa Grace Ward. Lupinus Gallery Blue. Gallery Blue Lupin. Lupinus Gallery Pink Edible fiddleheads in spring. Spreading form. Nova Scotia ~Native~. Blomidon Nurseries, 2015. Growing Vegetables and Flowers in Harmony. May 21, 2021. Posted in: Get Started, Planning Your Garden, Flower Gardening, Vegetable Gardening, Pollinator Gardening. Read More. 1 of 3 1: Deer in one area may eat what deer in another area do not. 2: Deer Resistant plants may have a flower that deer love to eat. 3: Deer will taste test almost any plant a few times. 4: Seedling plants may need extra protection until they are established. 5: If there is an extreme shortage of food deer WILL eat Deer Resistant Plants. Johnstown Garden Centre has Ireland's largest plant selection and Garden Store in a bright airy modern shopping environment, a 200 seat café and Café Gardens and very extensive car and coach parking Lithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue'. This low, spreading, evergreen shrub is a real eye-catcher in spring with it's stunning array of deep blue flowers. The leaves and flowers are edible and have a lovely peppery taste which can add a nice perk to a green salad. They are also great for ground cover or in a hanging basket

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Lithodora- Lithodora flowers are star shaped and come in various shades of blue. This plant works well as a groundcover or on slopes. This plant works well as a groundcover or on slopes. The dark, evergreen leaves make this a great year-round interest plant to grow along pathways or patios where you can see the blooms in early summer Oct 20, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Sarah. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Find the perfect blue star shaped flowers stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

Lithodora diffusa ‘Grace Ward’ - Grace Ward LithodoraLithodora 'Heavenly Blue' | Polsterstauden bei BALDUR-Garten1000+ images about Lithodora on Pinterest | Front windows

Deer-proof Broadleaf Evergreens. Broadleaf Evergreens are sitting ducks for hungry deer in the winter, so they need to be really prickly, toxic, or taste very bad to survive. Rhododendrons are often touted as being deer-proof but I have had mixed results. Some of them are browsed, some are devoured and others left alone Lithodora Diffusa heavenly blue H CM. Taquito COMMESTIBILE - edible. Conic Salsa RED PURPLE. 16254. MEDUZA H CM 12° 40. 21. NEW ! NE. W! Janana GRAFTED HOT PEPPER. EXCLUSIVE by. 16377 Lithodora diffusa BORAGINACEAE; GC or trailing, LVS:alt, clusters @ nodes, true bright blue star-like tubed blooms in spring through summer, needs W exp., FS, WDS, gets black n rotten; 'Alba' is white, avail in other color Lithodora diffusa, for example, is native to southern Europe (Spain and Portugal) and a couple of areas near the southern Mediterranean. Most species grow fewer than 8 inches in height, spreading perhaps to 18 inches. Foliage is lanceolate or linear, resembling rosemary but with hairy surfaces. Flower colors range from blue to white Got a bunch of stuff growing that I have no clue what it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Plant 1 - Just magically appeared there. No other specimens in the yard. {{gwi:573631}}{{gwi:573633}} Plant 2 - Received at plant swap, name wore off of tag. Plant 9 - Just grew in this pot. Looks.